See It God's Way

An inspiring Christian poem about seeing God His way. There are many things that we don't understand, yet we must believe that God has a plan and His decisions are ones that are the best.

And never doubt that God is in control, even if at times we feel like no one is in control. God's ways are not our ways - we can see this time and time again in the bible. What is important is that we believe and that we trust Him.

As we draw near to Him, and as we develop a relationship with Him, He will transform our ways. And God's love and promise of salvation is one that is amazing and one that will give us peace as we journey through life.

May you be inspired by this poem by Greta Zwaan.

See It God's Way
Greta Zwaan, © 2008

You can’t bully God into getting your way,
You can’t force Him into decisions;
The words that you say or the things that you do
Will never obscure God’s clear vision.

It could be said, “God runs a tight ship,”
He holds the reigns; He’s the Master.
Though others might think He’s not in control,
But alone we’d all face disaster.

We may not agree with decisions He makes,
We may be averse to correction;
We may have our plans completely made up
Then rebel at the thought of rejection.

It’s not in God’s plan to be cruel or unfair,
He does not delight in your grieving.
He does not force His will to be yours,
But He’s blessed when He finds you believing.

He won’t be co-orced to give you your way,
He will not be bribed or directed.
Your begging, your pleading is to no avail,
It’s only through love He’s affected.

See your way clear to open your heart,
Watch as He brings transformation.
Draw near to Him as He draws near to you
Rejoice in His love and salvation.

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