Do Not Wait Until Tomorrow

An inspiring Christian poem about not waiting until tomorrow. Life is too short - don't wait to do good, don't wait to help others, don't wait to tell your family and friends how much they mean to you, but most importantly, do not wait until tomorrow to follow Jesus and live for God each day!

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Do Not Wait Until Tomorrow
Poet: Alfred S. Rctz

Do not wait until tomorrow
If you'd make your life worthwhile.
Bring a cheer to those in sorrow,
Bless them, with a happy smile.-.
Golden moments swiftly passing
Soon will be forever gone,
Hasten then to be a blessing;
Wait not for tomorrow's dawn.

Do not wait until tomorrow
To be true in word or deed
To your neighbour, friend and brother
Who may be in direst need.
Give your flowers and your roses
To your friends while yet in life.
Sing God's praises, bear your crosses,
Shun all evil, sin and strife.

Do not wait until tomorrow
If you'd make your life sublime;
Grief and pain will surely follow
Wasted days and years of time.
Dearest friends will soon be missing,
And our life will soon be done;
But today while life is teeming,
Great rewards may yet be won.

Do not wait until tomorrow
To bestow a helping hand
To the many souls in sorrow
Languishing on sinking sand.
Feed the hungry, lift up Jesus,
Bring the dying to the fold;
While the day is yet before us
Gather in the sheaves of gold.

Do not wait until tomorrow —
Do what good you can today;
Richest blessings then will follow,
And your life will surely pay.
Human hearts are all around us
Who are waiting to be led
To the blessed feet of Jesus
And be fed with living bread.

Do not wait until tomorrow
For the work you have to do;
If you wait 'twill bring you sorrow
And of troubles not a few.
Oh, why should you linger longer
And consume your time away!
Christ is yours, and Heaven yonder,
If you live for God each day.

Poet: John R. Clements

Somebody did a golden deed,
Proving himself a friend in need;
Somebody sang a cheerful song,
Brightening the sky the whole day long,
Was that somebody you?

Somebody thought 'tis sweet to live,
Willingly said, "I'm glad to give;"
Somebody fought a valiant fight,
Bravely he lives to shield the right,
Was that somebody you?

Somebody made a loving gift,
Cheerfully tried load to lift;
Somebody told the love of Christ,
Told how His will was sacrificed,
Was that somebody you?

Somebody filled the days with light,
Constantly chased away the night;
Somebody's work bore joy and peace,
Surely his life shall never cease,
Was that somebody you!

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