Sin Separates Us From God- 5 Poems

These words, sin separates us from God, are ones that we should all give thought to. However, the good news is that Jesus died to save us from our sin. The Bible is clear that is we ask God for forgiveness and that we believe that Jesus died and rose again our sins will be forgiven.

Be encouraged and find hope in these short Christian poems about sin separating us from God!

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  1. Someone Will Pay
    Poet: Greta Zwaan,   2010

    Sin will be punished by you or by Christ;
    Never blame God for your acts.
    The road of salvation is clear before you,
    Don't be dissuaded by earth's sinful facts.

    There's much to tempt you, much to distract you,
    Satan would have you destroyed;
    It's a dangerous path to follow his lead,
    But truly, he wants you employed.

    The pictures he paints are enticing and cruel,
    His evil knows no human bounds,
    He's subtle, destructive, demanding and false,
    No evil expressed so resounds.

    All over the world there's anguish expressed,
    The folly? "I've made the wrong choice,
    If only I'd listened when conscience spoke up,
    Adhered to my self's inner voice."

    Am I too late for amends to be made?
    Too late to express my regret?
    Can I escape these clutches I'm in?
    Is there hope for a change in me yet?

    Oh! Praise the Lord! Christ has paid for my sin,
    The blood of the Lamb covers all.
    I have confessed and now I've been cleansed,
    Christ rescued me from the fall.

  2. Gods World
    Poet: Edna St. Vincent Millay

    O World,
    I cannot hold thee
    close enough!
    Thy winds,
    thy wide grey skies!
    Thy mists that roll and rise!
    Thy woods, this autumn day,
    that ache and sag
    And all but cry with colour!
    That gaunt crag
    To crush!
    To lift the lean
    of that black bluff!
    World, World, I cannot get
    thee close enough!

    Long have I known a glory in
    it all,
    But never knew I this;
    Here such a passion is
    As stretcheth me apart. Lord,
    I do fear
    Thou'st made the world too
    beautiful this year.
    My soul is all but out of me,—
    let fall
    No burning leaf; prithee,
    let no bird call.

  3. Cleansing Tears
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2012

    Tears became the water, and her hair the towel to dry;
    Sins were then forgiven while others asked, “Why?”

    Don’t You know her history? Have You not seen her sin?
    Do You not have discernment of the filth she has within?
    You ought to know her lifestyle, her vile and wicked state;
    You should have better judgment, if You’re so smart, so great!”

    Tears come from repentance, and a broken, contrite heart;
    I see her grief, her sorrow, a new life has its start.

    Until we see our failures and feel the guilt and shame
    We cannot be persuaded, we will not take the blame.

    I see her heart’s condition; I realize her need,
    I came to grant her freedom; and now, she’s free indeed!

  4. A Great Story
    Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2008

    Can you see the King become a beggar for your sake?
    “Oh, that’s not possible,” you say, “there must be some mistake.
    Who would relinquish power and the glory of a throne,
    To join the down and outers, to walk the road alone?”

    No one is quite that foolish, the idea is absurd!
    I’m sorry, I can’t see it; I don’t believe a word.
    It’s someone’s idle gossip, a rumour from somewhere,
    How do these things get started? These tales that people share?”

    This truth is all recorded, a book describes the scene;
    It gives you all the details of what these stories mean.
    “Oh, I see, a book of fables, the fairy tales of old,
    I must say, they intrigue me, there’s morals to behold.”

    No, no, you’re quite mistaken, the entire story’s true;
    It’s God’s plan of salvation to rescue me and you.
    Because of His great mercy and love henceforth unknown,
    He claims us as His children; He claims us as His own.

    “But,” you say,“He is holy, He’s pure and without sin
    Why would He want to love us? How does it all begin?”
    Long before creation God had this glorious plan,
    And when it was unfolded, He gave the world to man.

    With only one restriction, God granted him free reign;
    But if God’s law was broken, man would suffer pain.
    Precisely! That’s what happened, man gave into lust.
    The fellowship was broken when man betrayed God’s trust.

    “Well, naturally, that happens, they turn their back on you,
    It’s really quite ungrateful, but that’s what people do.”
    Yes, but God shows mercy, His arms are open wide,
    If we ask Him for mercy, He’ll gladly be our guide.
    Forgiveness will be granted, your new life will begin,
    Your Ruler now is Jesus, the Victor over sin.

  5. nce God has cleansed the slate of your life, havea new start.

  6. No Fishing!
    Greta Zwaan, 2010

    Don't go fishing where you ought not to be
    If God has forgiven your sin.
    You have no right reclaiming the acts,
    No right to bring them back in.

    If Jesus has buried your sins with His death,
    He leaves them there to decay,
    How could you refute an act so divine
    And fish them back out every day?

    Anything buried should not be retrieved,
    For nothing of value remains,
    The hurts, the heartaches, all in the past
    Are miseries with unchanging stains.

    If God can eliminate sin's dark and drear,
    Why can't you leave them alone?
    There's no good can come from retrieving past woes,
    That's stuff you no longer own.

    The tears they have caused should be flowing no more,
    The joy should return to your heart,
    Once God has cleansed the slate of your life,
    It's factual! You have a new start.

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