Do I Care Enough

Do we live the teachings of Jesus? Do we care enough? This inspiring Christian poem written by Greta Zwaan gives you thoughts to consider when answering the questions.

Do I Care Enough?
Poet: Greta Zwaan, © 2006

I didn't see the gnarled hand that reached out for a dime;
I didn't see the swollen joints that were destroyed by time.
I didn't see the body that was bent beneath the load;
Or the heavy cardboard box that he claimed as his abode.
I didn't see the string-like hair, uncombed, so thin, so grey;
Or bones that held so little flesh, I simply looked away.
I gasped in horror at the sight, how could one fall so low?
How come I hadn't noticed? How come I didn't know?

How long had this soul lived here? Was this what he called home?
What made this soul so desperate? Why was he so alone?
I pondered his dilemma and realized, "It's mine!"
This plight caught my attention without a word or a sign.

God had disturbed my spirit, my heart had seen the need;
My soul can't be complacent, I must not harbour greed.
I'd felt quite self-sufficient in all that I'd achieved,
Hard work made me successful, or so I had believed.

But when I saw this fragment of frail humanity,
I thought, "Oh, God! Have mercy! For that could have been me!"
My heart filled with compassion, I saw through Jesus' eyes,
I had to give assistance; no option otherwise.

T'was through the mind of Jesus that I stretched forth my hand,
As if His voice was prodding; I followed His command.
"That soul you see before you could easily be you,
In truth, could you dismiss him and then forget him too?

He's come to your attention his plight burned in your mind,
Forever a reminder, how weak is all mankind.
He didn't choose this lifestyle; his circumstances did.
One thing led to another; now cardboard is his bed.

All hope of change has vanquished, his faith is all but gone;
There is no inspiration to help him carry on.
It's up to you what happens, has his plight touched your heart?
Have you enough compassion to give him a new start?

Then don't just offer money to clang in his tin cup,
Reach out in love and mercy and help this poor soul up.
Stretch forth your hand and draw him as I have drawn you;
Raise his faith through kindness and prove My gospel's true.

I've said, 'Love one another,' with no exceptions made,
The challenge lies before you, in My name, give him aid!
Who knows what lies before you, an angel unawares,
Then let My plan work through you, and show him, Jesus cares.

Through you the gospel prospers, through you my work is done;
I set this man before you, not others - you're the one!
I'll watch to see your answer.  A smile? An outreached hand?
Well done, beloved servant! You've done what I command."

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