Grace, Mercy, Peace

A short prayer asking God for grace, for mercy, and for peace. God's grace that takes away our fears and gives us hope; God's mercy that will give us strength; and, God's peace that will renew us. The prayer asks for these three things in Jesus's name. God has the power to grant us these three things - grace, mercy, and peace what more could we ask for!

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Grace, Mercy, Peace
Poet Caleb Davis Bradlee

Grace, mercy, peace, Father, send.
As we, thy humble children, bend,
In love and trust, before thy throne,
And all thy faithful goodness own.

Thy grace, that all our fears 'may fly,
That hushed may be the sinner's sigh;
And all our hopes, in joy, arise
To thee, the God of earth and skies.

Let Mercy, too, procure us rest,
The grandest of thy gifts confessed;
And may we all, in trusting love,
Gain all our strength from thee above.

O let thy Peace begin to tread
On weary hearts, by folly led;
That we renewed, may find a light
That keeps us steady to the right.

All this we ask through Christ, the Son,
Our truest Friend, thy chosen One!
And grant our prayer, O God, we crave,
For thou alone hast power to save.

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