A Prayer To The Father

A short prayer written by Caleb Davis Bradlee. A prayer asking for guidance in what we do this day; one in which we pray that God hears our prayer and forgives our sins and stays with us until the end of our days.

Caleb Davis Bradlee once said, "As one has said, we must work as if we could do it all, and we must pray as if we could do nothing! Every one of us, however good we may be, might be better; all are hiding continually some talent; and everybody is out of joint in some part of the character." You can see reflections of this statement in this prayer - with God we can do so much! We all have gifts given to us by God, and when we work with Him and fulfill our purpose, it is amazing what we can accomplish.

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A Prayer To The Father
by Caleb Davis Bradlee

Our Father guide, 
Our ways decide,
This day!

To thee we come,
Make us at home,
We pray!

Give us thy light;
Show us the right;
Help now!

Needy we cry,
Hear thou our sigh,
And vow!

Our sins forgive,
And let us live
All pure,

And when we sleep
In death, us keep

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