11 Brother Poems From Sister

Let these brother poems from sister be ones that you share with your sibling. Poetry that expresses your feelings for your brother. A Sister and a Brother share a unique bond, one that goes up and down over the years.

But, as the years pass by many times you will find best friends between them. The bond of growing up together brings them closer as they get older.

We hope the verses in these poems are ones that reflect your thoughts for your Brother!

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  1. You Are The Best Brother
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    My brother is a true friend of mine
    He is always loyal and true
    He always is so kind
    No matter what the situation he always comes through

    My brother is a confidant
    I share with him all my wants.
    I can tell him anything
    He keeps it to himself and never sings.

    So from me your sister I do say
    You are the best in every way.
    Thank you, brother, for being you
    I appreciate all you do.

  2. Being poems about brother and sister being there for each other in good times and in bad!
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  3. A Sisters Rant
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    I used to rat you out so much
    At times you felt like a crutch.
    Oh, you were such a pest
    I used to think I got the worst not the best.

    You broke my stuff and hid it too
    I could have hit you with my shoe.
    You laughed and made fun of me
    Made me wish you lived in a tree.

    Am not sure when it happened but
    you stopped breaking and hiding my stuff.
    You seemed to grow up overnight
    And no longer did we spat and fight.

    I laugh when I think back to the day
    When the most important thing was play.
    How life has changed over the years
    You, my brother, I do hold dear!

  4. I smile because I am your sister. I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.
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  5. Her Awful Brother
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    Who teaches little Janet slang,
    And trains those lips to say: "Gol Dang!"?
    Her awful brother!
    Who whispers wise cracks in her ear
    When none to stop his pranks is near?
    Her awful brother!

    Who thinks up things for her to say
    To shock her grandma day by day?
    Her awful brother!
    Who laughs to hear her cry: "Oh, heck!"
    Or "by your age!" And "wash your neck!"
    Her awful brother!

    When friends have happened in for tea,
    Who knows she'll mutter loud: "Oh gee!"
    Her awful brother!
    Who likes to have his sister rough,
    And fills her head with dreadful stuff?
    Her awful brother!

    And yet, despite his love of mirth,
    Who thinks that child the best on earth?
    That awful brother!
    And who is it of whom she'll boast
    And tell you that she loves the most?
    That awful brother!

  6. Miles may separate brothers and sisters but their love for each other is never separated by distance. Samatha Anne Marie Lynch
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  7. Words Can't Express
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Words can't express my thoughts
    Letters can't connect the dots
    To express how special you are
    You, my brother, are a star.

    You are always there for me
    You are as special as a brother can be
    We have our share of disagreements
    But also we have had many achievements.

    You are like a best friend
    With you, I don't pretend.
    About anything, I can talk with you
    And you also give good advice that's true.

    When I'm feeling down
    You act like such a clown
    You always could make me smile
    Even when we were juveniles.

    A helping hand you always give
    You put things in perspective.
    I just want to say, I look up to you
    And count my blessings every day!

  8. Siblings have their ups and downs with each other, but when it really matters they are there for each other.  Sam Fickinsen
    Poems For My Brother

  9. My Brother, My Friend
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    Growing up we didn't see
    How challenging life could be
    As brother and sister, we have a bond
    And you, my brother, I am more than fond.

    Life has given us many laughs
    Together we have seen giraffes
    We shared many smiles
    As we have traveled life's miles.

    We have seen potholes and roadblocks
    And faced a few of life's knocks
    But I could always count on your support
    You always were a positive sort!

    No matter what life does send
    You, my brother, have proven to be a friend.
    An encourager and inspiring man
    I'm so glad we belong to the same clan!

  10. Brothers and sisters appreciate and understand the importance of family. Mary S. Scotsburn
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  11. An Awesome Brother
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    When you were a boy
    And use to steal my toys
    I couldn't imagine you as a friend
    It was all I could do to contend
    With you as a brother
    I would complain to Mother.

    But the years past by
    And you stopped making me cry
    With age, a man you became
    Things changed and you were not the same.
    It's hard to believe the friend you become
    You my brother, you are awesome!

  12. My Big Brother
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2020

    I watch everything you do
    You're my hero that is true
    I love your laughter and your smile
    You always make me feel worthwhile.

    Sure, you teased me but I always knew
    I could always count on you.
    You always watched out for me
    Together we could be so silly.

    If everyone had a brother like you
    The world would be a better place too
    Thank you for being there for me
    I love you big brother, you are extraordinary!

  13. A brother is a best friend And will stand by you until the end
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  14. A Brother Is
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    A brother is cars and trucks
    Some would say he is a roughneck.

    A brother is snakes and bugs
    But one who always gives a hug.

    A brother is a big tease
    But also likes to please.

    A brother is a best friend
    And will stand by you until the end

    You, my brother, are one of a kind
    You are the best, that I remind!

    Love you always, no matter what
    I send you this message from my heart.

  15. Lifelong Sister and Brother
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    Sisters and brothers are together for life
    Growing up, there is at times, strife.
    But, no matter what there is always a bond
    One of friendship and beyond.

    At times, they can drift apart
    But the bond between them never departs.
    As the years go by they may find
    That their sibling is one of a kind.

    God gives us sisters and brothers
    A relationship like no other.
    Give thanks for that sibling sent
    It truly is no accident!

  16. Sister poems from Brother
    Sister Poems from Brother

  17. Have Patience
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    You will find life is just not the same
    If you don't have a sister or brother to blame.
    Growing up a brother can be
    To his sister a bully.

    He takes her stuff
    And he can be so rough
    You would think
    He didn't give a blink.

    But a brother may act so tough
    As a sister, you may say that is enough.
    But deep down a brother does care
    His love is one that is rare.

    His feelings he will show
    When life gives us a blow.
    So remember to have patience
    When you need him, he will be there in an instance.

  18. Brother happiness you bringI wouldn't trade you for anything.
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  19. I Wanted A Sister
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, 2021

    I wanted a sister but
    With you I got stuck.
    A baby boy
    That steals my toys.

    A brother, no way, it couldn't be
    I wanted a sister can't you see.
    I asked why a brother?
    Oh Mother, oh Mother!

    Boys like weird things like bugs
    They bring home frogs and slugs
    Oh why a brother I had to have
    I was not very glad!

    But when I saw your little baby face
    You my brother I did embrace.
    You were so tiny and cute
    I stopped with my dispute.

    And as you grew I loved you so
    I no longer want a sister I want you to know
    As brother happiness you bring
    I wouldn't trade you for anything.

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A sister can be like a second mom, she can be like a child, or a sister can be like a best friend to her brother. And brothers usually look out for their sister and are there for encouragement and support throughout the sister's life! Send one of our poems to your brother to let him know you are thinking of him!

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