Poems For My Brother

Use these poems for my brother when you can't find the words to express your thoughts. The verses in the poems will let your brother know you are thinking of him.

Brothers are men we have a bond with. As siblings, the bond changes over the years, and we tend to grow closer. Rather than the tease your brother may have been, you may find him now more of a true friend, someone you know that you can always depend on.

Poems have a way of saying what we want to say in a way that makes others smile. We hope these are ones that you will share with your brother.

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  1. How Great to Have A Brother
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer ©2018

    How great to have a brother as wonderful as you
    You are loved and appreciated for all you do.
    You couldn't be more wonderful even if you tried
    You know all my secrets as in you I do confide.

    How great to have a brother who acts like a clown
    You keep me laughing, around you I never feel down
    There have been sad times and happy ones to
    We have shared so much but around you, I'm never blue.

    How great to have a brother as lovable as you
    How great to have a brother who is always true
    How great to have a brother who is a dear friend
    How great to have a brother, my love I do send!

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  3. What Would I Do
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2019

    My brother, you are the one who is always there,
    You give me your wisdom and show that you care.
    You have always been such a great support
    And when I needed it a wonderful escort.

    No matter what I do I can depend on you
    You are always in my corner no matter what I do
    And I appreciate you brother and am grateful too
    What would I do without a brother like you!

  4. Thank you for being such a great brother and friend!
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  5. We Grew Up
    Poet: Samatha Lynch, © 2018

    Growing up you were such a pain
    I would tell you that again and again.

    And in our teen years, I tolerated you
    You made me laugh when I was blue.

    And now the years have passed so fast
    Our friendship is strong and will always last.

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  7. Brother
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    You, my brother, are a special part of my life
    Always standing by me, especially in times of strife.
    When I think of you, the words below describe
    "Brother" that I would transcribe:

    B is for
    best brother a person could have - that is you!

    R is for
    remembering the times we had - great memories

    O is for
    optimism you showed no matter what challenges faced

    T is for
    thoughtfulness you always show

    H is for
    humor and happiness you always share

    E is for
    enthusiasm for life that is contagious

    R is for
    relationship that we have

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Our brothers can be a tease, they can be cool, and they can be lovable, even though they will never admit to it!! We hope the jingle in these poems are ones that your brother will enjoy! And, we hope you have found a one that is just right for your brother.

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