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If you are a brother and are looking for sister poems then read our collection. Brothers can be a tease, and sometimes, have a hard time expressing their feelings towards their sister. Use these poems to let your sister know how much you appreciate and love her.

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  1. Oh My Sister
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    Oh my sister I don't understand
    Why you can't think like a man.
    You get so emotional it seems
    When I tease you, oh, how you screamed.

    The memories of our childhood days,
    Seem happy and fun in many ways.
    I didn't play with your toys
    Because you're a girl and I'm a boy.

    All joking aside, I think your the best
    I write this poem truly in jest.
    I wouldn't trade you for any one
    Cause if I did I would miss the fun.

  2. Sister poems
    Sister Poems

  3. A Girl!
    Poet: C. Pulsifer

    I can remember the day
    Mon and Dad brought you home
    "A girl ", I said, "oh, no way"
    You truly looked like a little gnome!

    I wanted a brother, a baby boy
    And here I have a sister, a baby girl.
    I couldn't play with a girl's toy
    My head began to whirl.

    What was I do, I thought
    Mom and Dad were happy
    But I was naught!
    Around you they were sappy.

    But the years have passed
    And I wouldn't trade you for anything
    A friend for life, I have at last!
    Much happiness you do bring.

    So Sister dear,
    I just want to say,
    I will say it plainly and so clear,
    "I love you in every way."

  4. I Remember Well!
    Poet: Frederick Sam Lutes

    The years have passed, but I remember well
    How I teased you and how you could yell.
    Growing up we had lots of fun
    And occasionally from you, I would run.

    But Sister never doubt that I find
    You're the best, you're one of a kind.
    We have both mellowed over the years,
    And to me, you are a special dear.

  5. I smile because you’re my sister. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it.
    Sister quotes

  6. On You, I Can Depend
    Poet: Sam R. V. Gould

    Sister on you I can depend
    With you, there is no pretend.
    From you, I hear the truth
    It has been that way since our youth.

    I know you love me for who I am
    With you, there is no scam.
    You mean more to me than I can express
    May life bring to you nothing but success.

  7. Remember the Time
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    Sister, I can remember the time I chased you up a tree
    Oh, you were so mad at me.
    Then there was the time I locked you out
    You started to cry and had a big pout.

    But as you got older you got me back
    Into my computer, you did hack.
    You messed up my room
    And let me with only a broom.

    The funny times we shared over the years
    We now laugh about them, we had no fear.
    I tease you about the things you do,
    But know in my heart, that I love you!

  8. funny poems
    Funny Poems

  9. The Bond
    Poet: Sam R. V. Gould

    The bond we share is so strong
    Even when we argued, and I was wrong.
    Looking back over the years
    I regret the times I gave you the gears.

    We shared the good times and the bad
    But I am so thankful for the years we had.
    I just want to say to you
    Thank you for all you do.

    I will always be there for you
    On that you can count, even if you're blue.
    We share a bond that no one can break
    To the bank these words you can take!

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