8 Thanksgiving Family Poems

Welcome to our collection of Thanksgiving family poems! These poems remind us to cherish the holiday of Thanksgiving and to celebrate the bonds that unite us as a family and the joy of sharing a delicious meal together.

The poems express gratitude and appreciation for the gift of family. Memories with our family at Thanksgiving will be with us for years to come.

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  1. Family Thanksgiving Day
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Gathered around the table in embrace,
    Family faces, love etched on each face.
    Voices hum and stories intertwine,
    Memories woven as moments align.

    Through laughter and tears, our bond so strong,
    These souls we call family, where we belong.
    Gratitude for this day, forever blessed,
    Thanksgiving embraces, eternally caressed.

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  3. Love and Grace
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the embrace of Thanksgiving's grace,
    Christian love envelops every place.
    From the family's heart, compassion flows,
    To touch each heart where kindness grows.

    Through tender acts and gentle ways,
    We share our love, ushering brighter days.
    With open hands and open hearts,
    Christian love extends, embracing all parts.

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  5. Family Laughter Strong
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Thanksgiving dinner, a comical sight,
    Family gathered with all their might,
    Auntie's stuffing, so lumpy and thick,
    Cousin Bob's turkey, missing one leg, pretty slick!

    Grandpa telling jokes that no one gets,
    Uncle Peter wearing mismatched sets.
    Laughter echoes through our Thanksgiving feast,
    A hilarious tradition that will never cease!

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  7. As Darkness Falls
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    As darkness falls upon this sacred night,
    We gather ‘round the table, pure and bright.
    Thanksgiving calls us to unite as one,
    To bring a healing presence to each son.

    Encourage, lift, and strengthen where we can,
    For family bonds hold God’s eternal plan.
    Embrace this time to give from deep within,
    And let our love remind them all they win.

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  9. The Hand Of Blessing
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In grateful whispers, echoes rise anew,
    As we gather 'round our table, old and true.
    God's hand has blessed us in this sacred time,
    When souls align with love's majestic rhyme.

    From far and wide, our family convenes,
    On this Thanksgiving day, a tender scene.
    With hearts bowed low, we offer thanks divine,
    For this beloved gift of kinship entwined.

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  11. Embracing A Stranger
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Thanksgiving, a day of gratefulness,
    Where bonds tighten in moments blessed,
    Your family's warmth, so invitingly true,
    I thank you for the kindness you imbue.

    As a stranger once lost in solitude's fray,
    You embraced me, sheltering my dismay.
    With a thankful heart, I'll forever remain
    In awe of the love your family sustains.

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  13. Gratitude Surrounds Thanksgiving
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On Thanksgiving, our souls do roam,
    Grateful hearts find a cozy home.
    Family gathers, love's sweet tie.
    Together we laugh, together we cry.

    In their embrace, warmth surrounds,
    Precious moments forever resound.
    Thanksgiving brings us all so near,
    Gratitude shines, crystal clear.

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  15. A Blessed Thanksgiving Day
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    On this day, with hearts aflame,
    We gather in love, not for name.
    For we hold dear a sacred thing,
    A bond that's stronger than anything.

    Thanksgiving, a humble plea we make,
    Grant our family steadfastness in faith.
    May this day be blessed, with joy unfolding,
    As grateful hearts embrace the love upholding.

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