Douglas Malloch expresses thoughts about Thanksgiving and the days leading up to the harvest. This short poem is great to share with others as this special time of year, Thanksgiving, approaches.

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Poet: Douglas Malloch

When sheaves are stacked in bounteous
On summer's fertile plain,
When he who gleaned the treasure sleeps
And dreams of garnered grain,
The air grows warm, the night grows still -
A memory of June -
And slowly o'er the distant hill
Ascends the harvest moon.

It bathes the sheaves in silver floods
Of light of heavenly birth,
It lights anew the fields and woods.
It glorifies the earth.
Forgotten now the winter's snow,
The summer's glaring sun.
And heaven above and world below
Are mellowed into one.

So, when the days of toil are o'er
And harvest days are here.
Thanksgiving comes with bounteous store -
The moonrise of the year.
Its rays reveal the blessings sent
To cheer our dreary ways.
And heartaches old and discontent
Are mellowed into praise.

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Another poem by Douglas Malloch  reminds us how thankful we should be for the people in our life who care:
Someone To Care
Poet: Douglas Malloch

The greatest gift that is given to man
Is someone to care;
When you hope and dream, when you work and plan,
Someone to care;
Someone to care when the day is long,
Someone to care when you're glad with song -
When the world goes right, when the world goes wrong
Someone to care.

You can seek the top of the highest hill
With someone to care;
You can see the good, you can bear the ill,
With someone to care.
The dark may come or the gale may sting
But, what the day or the night may bring
You still are blessed with a sweeter thing -
Someone to care.

For never a loss will seem a loss,
With someone to care;
And never a cross will seem a cross,
With someone to care;
Someone to care when your heart is glad,
The ones who won were the ones who had
Someone to care.

We need not gold if we have but this -
Someone to care;
We shall have our joy though the goal we miss,
With someone to care.
If there be but one with a faith that's true,
If there be but one who believes in you,
That love will lift and will bring you through -
Someone to care.

For what is the use of it all without
Someone to care?
When you're jailed with hope or are dark with doubt,
Someone to care?
What is the good, of it all unless
There's someone to share your happiness,
Someone to care when you win success,
Someone to care!

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