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The privacy of our visitors to Short Poems,, is important to us. We recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect and our policy.

We use third party advertisements on to support our site. Some of these advertisers may use technology such as cookies. The firm that we use for all advertising is Ezoic. You can view their privacy policy here Ezoic privacy policy We would recommend you visit this page for a full explanation of what is collected and what the policy is.

External Links and Resources
We do provide external resources to other websites. Please check the privacy policy of these sites before you release any personal information. While we do review each website before we put them on our site, we do not have any control over their privacy policy.

Many individuals do submit their content to us for publishing on the site. Our policy is that we do not give out the authors email address unless we get permission from the author.

Questions on our Policy?
If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to email us at: [email protected]

The thoughts of others on privacy:

Friends don’t spy; true friendship is about privacy, too.
 Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis
Meaningful Friendship Quotes

Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn't be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet.
 Gary Kovacs
Adaptation Quotes

You know something is wrong when the government declares opening someone else’s mail is a felony but your internet activity is fair game for data collecting.
 E.A. Bucchianeri
Thought Provoking Quotes

If we don't act now to safeguard our privacy, we could all become victims of identity theft.
 Bill Nelson

The question of the right to privacy must be one of the defining issues of our time.
 Ziad K. Abdelnour
Poems Of Encouragement

I don't tweet, I don't go on Facebook. I think there's too much information about all of us out there. I'm liking the idea of privacy more and more.
George Clooney
Food For Thought

Privacy inevitably falls prey to technology.
 Albert Thomas Bifarelli
Short Quotes

There should be an understanding and trust that your privacy and data will be protected.

Ro Khanna

I think privacy is valuable. You don't have to share everything, and it's healthy to occasionally hit the pause button and ask yourself if you're oversharing. But at the end of the day, if you're not doing anything wrong, you don't have anything to hide.
 Ashton Kutcher

The only way to stop big data from becoming big brother is introduce privacy laws that protect the basic human rights online.
 Arzak Khan
Success Poem

Privacy is precious in cities. It is indispensable. Perhaps it is precious and indispensable everywhere, but in most places you cannot get it. In small settlements everyone knows your affairs. In the city everyone does not—only those you choose to tell will know much about you.
 Jane Jacobs, The Death and Life of Great American Cities
Poems About Life

Privacy is not dead, just cumbersome and getting more and more expensive.
 Chris Kubecka, Down the Rabbit Hole
Motivational Poems

Privacy is not for sale, and human rights should not be compromised out of fear or greed.
 Pavel Durov

We have learned about some people from their social media feeds way more than their families have learned from years of living with them.
 Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Life Choices

Privacy - like eating and breathing - is one of life's basic requirements.
 Katherine Neville
Life Journey

People have a right to privacy, but they also have a right to live. Fundamentally, we need cybersecurity and need to secure communications as well.
 Michael Hayden
Poems About Change

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