Poems About Poetry

A collection of poems written about poetry. Poetry offers a different way to read about things or life issues. Reflect on the poet's words and you may find that their words may help you deal with a situation or they may help you see something in a different way.

Andrew Byers describes poetry as follows:
"No literary expression can, properly speaking, be called Poetry that is not in a certain deep sense emotional (whatever may be its subject-matter), concrete in its method and its diction, rhythmical in movement, and artistic in form.

It is said that Poetry comes from the heart, while Prose is merely the product of the mind; that the poet sings to us, whereas other men only talk; and that while he does not argue more logically than they, he feels more deeply and perhaps more truly.

Poetry has been called the twin-sister of Music."

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  1. A Poet
    Poet: John McLeod © 1998

    And some they tilt at windmills
    And some they push the plough
    The Poet does both on wind-filled wings
    Above the "wonder-how"!
    And some may never see beyond
    The bow-wave sparkling bright
    To where the questing Soul will find
    That broader, wiser sight.
    Me thinks this sometimes Poet and Clown
    Love's blessings rich endow,
    To brush the stars as, through the glass
    Sees much less darkly now!

  2. A Book Of Poems
    Poet: William R. Jacobs

    Pond'ring o'er a gilded volume
    Rich with gems, I am to-night,
    Looking for the sweetest column,
    Scanning for some rays of light.
    Here are poets from the distance
    With the softest lyric rhyme.
    Calling back into existence
    Sweet chords lost in lapse of time.

    Here portrayed are silent faces —
    Silent lips and silent eyes —
    Where my finger deftly traces.
    Looking for some glad surprise —
    Looking for some friend who's drifting
    Out upon the Western world.
    For companions now uplifting
    Drops of ink for drops of gold.

    Lo! inwrought like fibres golden
    In yon leaf upon the tree,
    Are these stanzas, new and olden,
    Penned in chants of melody.
    Quaintest rhet'ric penned, but splendid
    In simplicity and truth —
    Facts and fancies; as blended
    By the aged bard and youth.

    As I turn the snowy pages,
    Each enframed with golden wire,
    Mystic sounds come back from ages.
    Strains from Moore and Milton's lyre.
    Dreams of Shakespeare's musing rambles,
    Thoughts of Goldsmith and his fife,
    Odes of Pope and Scott and Campbell
    Flash across the path of life.

    And when sleepily I fold them —
    Fold the rhymers back in place,
    Fancy's mind can quite behold them,
    As the dureful hymns they trace.
    Some are mothers with devotion
    In their sonnets of to-day.
    Others sing of field and ocean,
    Mount and glen — and sweet their lay.

  3. with me poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion.  Edgar Allan Poe

  4. Unwritten Poems
    Poet: Unknown

    There are poems unwritten and songs unsung
    Sweeter than any that ever were heard;
    Poems that will wait for an angel-tongue,
    Songs that long for a paradise bird;

    Poems that rippled through lowliest lives,
    Poems unnoted, and hidden away
    Down in souls where the beautiful thrives
    Sweetly as flowers in the airs of May;

    Poems that only the angels above us,
    Looking down deep in our hearts may behold;
    Felt, though unseen by the beings who love us;
    Written on lives all in letters of gold.

    Sing to my soul that sweet song that thou livest;
    Read me the poem that never was penned,
    The wonderful idyl of Life that thou givest,
    Fresh from thy spirit, Beautiful Friend.

  5. Poetry Can
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Poetry can be compared to people.
    Some are complicated, some so simple
    Some are short some are tall
    Poems reflect them all.

    Reading a poem can change your thoughts
    You may find the verses connect the dots.
    Poetry can be happy or sad
    It can make us feel gloomy or glad.

    A verse or two can bring a smile
    To an adult and a little child.
    A poem can offer us wisely advice
    Often they contain a message in disguise.

    They usually don't take long to read
    They can inspire us to do a good deed.
    Poems contain much wisdom too
    Written from experiences that are true.

    So appreciate the Poet's art
    In their words, wisdom they depart
    Reflect on the verses you read
    And listen to the wisdom they heed.

A Collection of All Poems to Inspire and Encourage

One last thought on poetry from Bryant in his remarks about English Poetry:
"I have known persons who frankly said that they took no pleasure in reading poetry, and perhaps the number of those who make this admission would be greater were it not for the fear of appearing singular. But to the great mass of mankind, Poetry is really a delight and a refreshment. To many, perhaps to most, it is not requisite that it should be of the highest degree of merit.

Nor, although it be true that the poems which are most famous and most highly prized are works of considerable length, can it be said that the pleasure they give is in any degree proportionate to the extent of their plan. It seems to me that it is only poems of a moderate length or else portions of the greater works to which I refer, that produce the effect upon the mind and heart which make the charm of this kind of writing. The proper office of poetry, in filling the mind with delightful images and awakening the gentler emotions, is not accomplished on a first and rapid perusal, but requires that the words should be dwelt upon until they become in a certain sense our own, and are adopted as the utterance of our own minds."

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