Wonderful Things Poems

There are so many wonderful things that life has to offer. Let these poems remind you of the many blessings you have.

People have different thoughts on the wonderful things that life has to offer. For example, Suzy Kassem says in her book, Rise Up and Salute the Sun, "The key to a wonderful life is to never stop wandering into wonder." And, Debasish Mridha says, "How wonderful life can be if your thoughts and actions created wonderful things for others!" And, Billy Graham in his book, the Secret of Happiness, writes: "Happy is that person who has learned the secret of being content with whatever life brings him, and has learned to rejoice in the simple and beautiful things around him."

Share these poems with others as a positive reminder we all have wonderful things in our lives!

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wonderful things in life

My A to Z of Wonderful Things in Life
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2012

A is for the apples, that nutrition us each day,
B is for our little boys that remind us we should play.

C is for our furry cats, that teach us who is boss.
D is for our dentist, who reminds us we should floss.

E is for emotions that remind us we are alive.
F is for high fives that remind us we should thrive.

G is for everything good, that we see each and every day.
H is for our hair, even when it starts to grey.

I is for ice cream, a wonderful treat we all love.
J is for the joy I see when I sit and look above.

K is for the kindness that we all hope to share.
L is for fall leaves that fly through windy air.

M is for all Moms, who protect and love their kids.
N is for nighttime when we rest and close our eyelids.

O is for occasions that allow a celebration of fun.
P is for pastries, especially hot cross buns.

Q is for the option to quit but never allowing it so.
R is for being realistic and allowing yourself to grow.

S is for the sun, how we marvel in its warm rays.
T is for trees that give us clean air each day.

U is for umbrellas, that shield us from the rain.
V is for Valentine's Day that love toasts with champagne.

W is for our way, we all eventually find.
X is for xoxoxox on notes that always are so kind.

Y is for you, who is wonderful and true.
Z is for life's zigs and zags, that brought me straight to you.

wonderful life quotes

Wonderful World
Poet: Unknown

Great, wide, beautiful, wonderful world.
With the wonderful water round you curled.
And the wonderful grass upon your breast -
Great world, you are beautifully drest.

The wonderful air is over me,
And the wonderful wind is shaking the tree;
It walks on the water and whirls the mills.
And talks to itself on the tops of the hills.

You friendly Earth, how far do you go
With the wheat-fields that nod, and the rivers that flow.
With cities and gardens, and cliffs and isles.
And people upon you for thousands of miles?

Ah, you are so great, and I am so small,
I tremble to think of you, world, at all;
And yet, when I said my prayers to-day,
A whisper inside me seemed to say,
"You are more than the earth, though you are such a dot;
You can love and think, and the world cannot."

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If you ever feel that you don't have wonderful things in your life, then just turn on the news. It is filled with stories of people suffering hardships that we should count our blessings each and every day for the lives that we have. Just imagine if you were living in a war-torn country, or if you were in a hospital fighting for your breath. There are many amazing things in our lives that we just have to stop and recognize and be thankful for. We hope these poems remind you of that!

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