43  Christian Poems

Christian poems to inspire and encourage you. Poems packed full of verses that are inspirational, encouraging and praiseworthy. Verses that celebrate The Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. These Christian poems are full of verses that are inspirational, encouraging and with abundant praise.

1. Poems About God 2. God Has A Plan
3. Heaven Poems 4. Poems About Jesus
5. Journey Of Faith 6. Spiritual Awakening
7. Spiritual Poems 8. Trust In God
9. God Cares For You 10. God's Promises
11. Faith Over Fear 12. God's Mercy
13. Going To Church 14. The Promises of God
15. Gods Blessings 16. God's Grace Verses
17. God's Timing 18. Praise God
19. Sin Separates Us From God 20. God Is In Control
21. God Will Provide 22. The Weaver Poem
23. A Father's Prayer 24. Comfort
25. When I Am Wrong 26.  The Book For All Time
27. God's Friday 28. The Bible
29. Daily Blessings 30. There Is A God
31. Do I Care Enough 32. Dreams Not Schemes
33. Just Go And Be A Friend 34. How Did He Know Me
35. Give A Helping Hand 36. If I Can
37. These Are The Gifts   

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  1. Looking Upward

  2. Poet: Daniel C. Colesworthy

    When I daily look up,
    And never look down,
    I find that my cup
    Is filled to the crown;
    Whatever is wanted
    Into my breast flows;
    'Tis when the heart's lifted,
    God kindly bestows.

    When I grovel in dust,
    And murmur and fret,
    How few and how meagre
    The blessings I get!
    'Tis only when upward
    I prayerfully turn,
    That favors are granted,
    And wisdom I learn.

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  3. Life Becomes a Simple Prayer

  4. Poet: John F Zurn, 2019

    Life has mostly simple moments
    Like the rising sun each day.
    The times of truly great excitement
    Seem like clouds that drift away.
    Plans and memories are tainted
    With the hopes and fears of thought.
    When the many dreams have faded,
    The only peace begins with God.

    Then in the moments by the river,
    Or walking through a crowded mall,
    Simple thoughts of God can linger,
    And nothing else exists but God.
    In this moment thoughts have ended,
    And the spirit fills my heart.

    Then the peace of being present
    Overwhelms my inner talk.
    But just for a short pause only
    Does the fleeting moment last.
    My eager mind returns and slowly
    Thinking fuels by selfishness.
    Yet in these quiet simple moments,
    My heart perceives that God is near,
    Without the rush to trust emotions,
    My Iife becomes a simple prayer.

  5. My Creed

  6. by Alfred Bem

    I'm nowhere lost and everywhere I am at home,
    My God is nature, my church is the immense blue dome,
    And my religion is goodness attached to no other name,
    All mankind, whatever creed or color, to me are dear the same
    Admiring everything that's beautiful and loving all that's true,
    I do believe in every thought that turns this world to greatness, new.

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  7. Every Minute

  8. Poet: Hugh Owen Meredith

    For every minute of my day
    To God the praise be said,
    For daily walk, for daily talk,
    For daily beef and bread !
    More than for all His other works
    I praise Him in my bed
    For this delight of closing night,
    My golden drowsihed.

  9. The Old Hymns

  10. Poet Unknown

    There's lot o' music in 'em, the hymns of long ago,
    An' when some gray-haired brother sings the ones I used to know,
    I sorter want to take a hand — I think o' days gone by,
    On Jordan's stormy banks I stand and cast a wistful eye.

    There's lots of music in 'em — those dear, sweet hymns of old,
    With visions bright of lands of light and shining streets of gold;
    And I hear 'em ringing — singing, where Mem'ry dreaming stands,
    "'From Greenland's icy mountains to India's .coral strands."

    They seem to sing forever of holier, sweeter days,
    When the lilies of the love of God bloomed white in all the ways;
    And I want to hear their music from the old-time meetin's rise.
    Till 'I can read my title clear to mansions in the skies."

    We never needed singin' books in them old days; we knew
    The words — the tunes of every one the dear old hymn book through!
    We didn't have no trumpets then — no organs built for show;
    We only sang to praise the Lord "from whom all blessings flow."

    An' so I love the old hymns, and when my time shall come —
    Before the light has left me and my singing lips are dumb —
    If I can only hear 'em then, I'll pass without a sigh
    To Canaan's fair and happy land, where my possessions lie!

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  11. The True Way

  12. Poet: Henry Reed Conant

    We know that we’re stubborn and willful,
    And tho’ we have kindly been shown
    The true way, which God has appointed,
    We often go on in our own.
    And thus we go on in the darkness,
    Groping our way thro’ the night;
    Unmindful ofttimes of His goodness,
    And missing His glorious light.
    But still He looks down with compassion,
    And e’en thro’ life’s greatest alarms
    We’re sheltered and safely protected,
    As weak little lambs in His arms.
    Could we but have more of His goodness
    Implanted each day in our heart,
    Perhaps there are others about us
    Who’d feel the rich joy we’d impart.
    Could our love, every day, be to others
    As the love from our Maker above,
    O what a grand army of brothers
    Would be banded together in love!

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