Christian Poems

Christian poems celebrate The Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. These Christian poems are resplendidly full of verses that are inspirational, encouraging and with abundant praise.

Our 24-7 God
Greta Zwaan, © 2008

If God says, "Jump," do we fear to obey Him?
Can He be trusted that He will perform?
Is there a chance, a slight possibility,
He'd turn His back and laugh you to scorn?

Has He been proven to always be faithful?
Will He be willing to carry it through?
How can you trust Him,what is His objective?
Is there a purpose distinctly for you?

Is it your thought that God chose at random,
Simply to let you roam on this earth?
Why should He care what daily befalls you?
What has He done since the day of your birth?

Think on these things:Who daily sustains you?
Who is the One who knows every thought?
Who is the One who bears all your burdens?
Who holds you up when you are distraught?

Who can foretell, precisely each moment?
Who is the one who numbers each hair?
Who knows your path before you have planned it?
Who can give hope when you're full of despair?

If on your own, would you have the resources?
Could you create all the things that you need?
If crops needed rain, would you know the procedure?
If you talked to the clouds, do you think they would heed?

Have you the strength to bear the world's burdens?
Are you able to dry a child's tears?
Have you the means to comfort the sorrowing?
Can you control their turmoil and fears?

Are you disturbed by the crime all about you?
Can you make laws that will be obeyed?
Are you concerned by the world's grave condition?
Does it bring you tears,are you fully dismayed?

Now that you're aware of your weakness and failures,
Now that you see that you're without power,
Give God the reigns, for He is discerning,
He is the fortress, a strong, mighty tower.

Of all those you know, He alone can be trusted,
He knows each day how you should proceed,
He holds your hand through the deep, darkest valley,
He knows the path and He'll willingly lead.

God is our Lord, and as well, He's our Father,
He has allowed His grace to provide,
He is well worthy of all adoration,
24-7 God's by our side.

How Much Did Christ Really Suffer?
Greta Zwaan, © 2009

Jesus suffered from His first day on earth, separation from God on the day of His birth.
Of't left alone to walk this dark vale, misunderstood though He loved without fail.
Tortured in body and tortured in soul, He passed through the valley yet still in control.
He cried o'er Jerusalem, He cried over sin, not of His own faults but that He might win,
Victory o'er evil to set all men free, rejecting the power of Satan's decree.

Satan demanded that man be his conquest, with the greatest of skill he stirred man to unrest,
But Christ had compassion, He saw each man's need, while Satan's department was absolute greed.
Christ came as servant, Satan as thief; Christ brought man healing, Satan brought grief.
Man saw the conflict and couldn't decide - was Christ to be honoured and Satan denied?
Immediate pleasure was Satan's appeal, Christ made demands that man thought surreal.
"Leave all your treasures, come follow Me;" Satan responded, "With me you are free."

Christ is the Truth, the life and the Way; Satan, the false one, who leads man astray.
Christ gave up all so that man could rejoice, by clinging to Him, obeying His voice.
Man has the freedom to walk his own way; but let it be known, with Satan, you pay!
With Jesus the debt was paid on the cross; with Satan, no gain but complete, total loss.

Don't be dissuaded but open your eyes, Satan will offer you nothing but lies.
Be advised strongly, you'll never regret, the road paved by Jesus, the safest road yet!

Convenient God
Greta Zwaan, © 2018

Is He a "sometimes" God in your life, a convenience when you're in need?
Have you created the pattern yourself only so far to proceed?
Is He allowed to only observe as a consultant, not guide?
Are the decisions you make all your own, casting His offers aside?

Has the thought ever entered your mind that He knows all of your needs?
Your strong independence, your will to go forth, no thought to where this road leads?
God won't step in without your request, He'll even allow you success;
But when you achieve the goals you set forth, who do you think you'll empress?

Think for a moment, if He should let go, totally leave you alone;
Would you still prosper, would things go right, could you stand up on your own?
Now you are young, full of great plans, visions of fortune and power;
Strength in your favour, health on your side, you make the most of each hour.

Then one day you find you're not satisfied, there's no more goals to achieve;
Life at the top is far from ideal, people corrupt and deceive.
Lonesome, distraught, heart sick and sad, feeling distressed, unfulfilled;
Then someone says, "Why not try church, maybe your pain can be stilled."

And there I found God! Waiting for me, He knew the need of my heart,
No greater peace had I ever known, and He had been there from the start!
I'd kept Him out but He hadn't left, He simply did not interfere,
I made my life, He stood aside until I wanted Him near.

Now I regret the long, wasted years, His love that so freely He'll give,
I try to make up the time that I lost; I'll do it as long as I live!

The eternal needs of many is served by one cross - the cross of Christ.
Byron R. Pulsifer

God Has A Plan
Greta Zwaan, © 2008

God's hands have an inscription, carved with indelible ink,
An eternal, lifelong reminder of a loving, incredible link.
With His hands He brought forth creation, drawing lines between land and sea,
Filling the earth with flowers and every imaginable tree.

Grasses of every description, birds that would trill out in song,
Animals that were companions; contented, they all got along.
Then came the final, grand moment - from the dust God created man,
To tend the herbs from the garden, fulfilling this marvelous plan.

Just to make everything perfect, God made a companion:
He formed a helpmate for Adam, a woman.
Together they had all they needed, there was nothing their hearts could request;
They were placed in a perfect surrounding, they were richly and most wonderfully blessed.

God even walked in the garden, communing with them face to face;
Man, made in God's own image, dwelling there in amazing grace.
There was nothing man could desire, all of his needs had been met,
The crowning touch of creation, everything perfect … and yet;

Man took a lusting for wisdom, Satan was quick to respond,
With lies he presented an offer, with lies he severed the bond.
The prefect union was broken, Satan accomplished his goal,
Man stood at odds with God's promise; man no longer was whole.

Banished from all that was perfect, now he must struggle alone,
Satan would only confuse him, trying to make him his own.
The struggle for man is continual, Satan's devices are shrewd,
But God is a God of great mercy; the hope of man is renewed.

God sent the means of salvation - His Son bore the grief of mankind,
The guilt was removed at Golgotha, where mercy and love were entwined.
This world is no longer perfect, humanity struggles till death,
Yet there is a wonderful future when man finally breathes his last breath.

If he has surrendered to Jesus, acknowledged He's in control,
Then God will renew the transaction, and man will be blessed in his soul.

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God's Claim
Greta Zwaan, © 2018

What will happen when your time runs out and all your strength ebbs away?
When all the things on earth obtained have come to the point of decay?
When you cannot rise with the morning sun and the night seems as long as the day?
When the strength of your youth is no longer your source and all your plans go astray?

I know the results when you try to achieve the goals that you set long ago,
That you're sure with hard work you could reach for the top,
Yet there's so much in life you don't know.
You trust in your skills; you honour your wealth; your mind is filled with ideas;
You live at fast pace with no room to make friends; being idle you call a disease.

But I want to warn you, your time is quite brief, in a moment it's all whisked away.
Take heed to this warning while you still have time; this could be your final day!
Someone will claim what you now call your own, things that consumed all your health.
Where is the gain when you cannot enjoy even one day of your wealth?

All that you have, all that you own, really is not yours to claim -
The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof; the deed is made out in His name.
Be wary my friend, prepare for the day, give unto God what is due;
Give Him your heart, give Him your dreams; great blessings He'll shower on you.

To Serve You, Oh Lord
Author: Byron Pulsifer, © 2012

Oh Lord The Almighty,
I have five fingers upon my hand,
Each one of these fingers
Tells me to pray.

My thumb is closer to thee Oh Lord,
And it tells me to pray
For all those that
Are close to me
My family and my friends.

My next finger tells me
To pray for those that are in need
For those that need help
And for me to help those
Who are less able to help themselves.

My highest finger
Tells me to pray for those
That lead our country,
That ensure our freedom so
That we may always worship thee
Without restriction or persecution.

My fourth finger tells me to pray
For all God's children
Across the world
Who are in desperate need

My smallest finger tells me
To pray for God's little children
For all those children that need guidance
That need love and attention
That need to feed in the word of God.

All my fingers serve your desires, Oh Lord,
That help me to remember in prayer
All those that need your guidance and love
Each and every day.

Do I Care Enough?
Greta Zwaan, © 2006

I didn't see the gnarled hand that reached out for a dime;
I didn't see the swollen joints that were destroyed by time.
I didn't see the body that was bent beneath the load;
Or the heavy cardboard box that he claimed as his abode.
I didn't see the string-like hair, uncombed, so thin, so grey;
Or bones that held so little flesh, I simply looked away.
I gasped in horror at the sight, how could one fall so low?
How come I hadn't noticed? How come I didn't know?

How long had this soul lived here? Was this what he called home?
What made this soul so desperate? Why was he so alone?
I pondered his dilemma and realized, "It's mine!"
This plight caught my attention without a word or a sign.

God had disturbed my spirit, my heart had seen the need;
My soul can't be complacent, I must not harbour greed.
I'd felt quite self-sufficient in all that I'd achieved,
Hard work made me successful, or so I had believed.

But when I saw this fragment of frail humanity,
I thought, "Oh, God! Have mercy! For that could have been me!"
My heart filled with compassion, I saw through Jesus' eyes,
I had to give assistance; no option otherwise.

T'was through the mind of Jesus that I stretched forth my hand,
As if His voice was prodding; I followed His command.
"That soul you see before you could easily be you,
In truth, could you dismiss him and then forget him too?

He's come to your attention his plight burned in your mind,
Forever a reminder, how weak is all mankind.
He didn't choose this lifestyle; his circumstances did.
One thing led to another; now cardboard is his bed.

All hope of change has vanquished, his faith is all but gone;
There is no inspiration to help him carry on.
It's up to you what happens, has his plight touched your heart?
Have you enough compassion to give him a new start?

Then don't just offer money to clang in his tin cup,
Reach out in love and mercy and help this poor soul up.
Stretch forth your hand and draw him as I have drawn you;
Raise his faith through kindness and prove My gospel's true.

I've said, 'Love one another,' with no exceptions made,
The challenge lies before you, in My name, give him aid!
Who knows what lies before you, an angel unawares,
Then let My plan work through you, and show him, Jesus cares.

Through you the gospel prospers, through you my work is done;
I set this man before you, not others - you're the one!
I'll watch to see your answer. A smile? An outreached hand?
Well done, beloved servant! You've done what I command."

Swimming Upstream, Alone
Greta Zwaan, © 2011

I said, "I'll walk this road alone, my plans are all arrayed;
I don't need interference, I will not be dismayed.
I have the gift of knowledge, I have a brilliant mind;
My talents are fulfilling through which much joy I find."
My well-established pattern creates my life of ease,
A lifestyle lived in comfort, to do the things I please.

Then there's this sudden challenge - my health seems to give way,
My concentration's weakened, I wonder, "Will this stay?"
Oh, surely, I'll get better, I'm never sick for long,
It's my great constitution; I've always been real strong.
Yet, this is quite consuming, there seems no end in sight;
I've followed doctor's orders, but things just are not right.

I'm alone, I think a lot - it's all that I can do,
There must be a solution for what I'm going through.
Then one day in the stillness, a small voice comes to me,
"I must get your attention, it's time that you should see.
The life that you've created will some day end in grief,
The pattern you have followed can never bring relief.

Your problems will be constant, no comfort can be found;
Your life has been established on very shaky ground.
I'm offering a solution - let God direct your way,
He's patiently been waiting; He longs to hear you say:
'Oh God, You are my Shepherd, I leave You in control;
I've messed things up quite badly, I've never reached my goal.

But God, with Your permission, I'd like to join Your team,
And have You as my Pilot to ferry me upstream.
I realize my error, I've tried to swim alone,
But God, please be my Lifeguard and bring me safely home.

No Fishing!
Greta Zwaan, © 2010

Don't go fishing where you ought not to be
If God has forgiven your sin.
You have no right reclaiming the acts,
No right to bring them back in.

If Jesus has buried your sins with His death,
He leaves them there to decay,
How could you refute an act so divine
And fish them back out every day?

Anything buried should not be retrieved,
For nothing of value remains,
The hurts, the heartaches, all in the past
Are miseries with unchanging stains.

If God can eliminate sin's dark and drear,
Why can't you leave them alone?
There's no good can come from retrieving past woes,
That's stuff you no longer own.

The tears they have caused should be flowing no more,
The joy should return to your heart,
Once God has cleansed the slate of your life,
It's factual! You have a new start.

Once God has cleansed the slate of your life, have 

a new start.

Being Compliant
Greta Zwaan, © 2008

Can it ever be said of you, "You wear the cloak with joy?"
You're the example to follow, for daily your faith you deploy.
Pain and hardship excepted, trials and tears on your path;
Others may find these distractions, daily increasing their wrath.

What is the point of this suffering? Who is the one that will gain?
Is this a means of correction? Is there a cause for my pain?
If only I could see reason, is there a purpose, a plan?
A benefit in this dark saga? Perhaps an assistance to man?

I wonder, am I being faithful enough to show others God's light?
I feel overwrought by this burden, when day seems as dark as the night.
I can't see a light in this tunnel, I've tried but my mind is a blur,
I'm far from being heroic, no bravery when such things occur.

By nature I'm not a complainer, my sorrows I bury inside;
Others too have their battles, compassion is often denied.
I long for this to be over, be back as things were before;
Considering this just a memory, not walking this road anymore.

But who am I to demand it? What claim do I have to be healed?
I center my focus on Jesus to whom all my pain is revealed.
He promised not to forsake me, He said all my prayers will be heard;
I trust His judgment completely; I fervently heed to His Word.

I do not claim to be joyful; I do not fare well with pain,
However, compared to Christ's suffering, this trial I will not distain.
The peace I have in His presence, the knowledge that He understands,
Allows me the freedom to follow, and walk on the road He commands.

He promised not to forsake me, He said all my 

prayers will be heard  Greta Zwaan

Blood On My Door
Greta Zwaan, © 2017

There's blood on my door; my sin is no more;
Amazing! For my deep, dark past.
Nobody knew what I have gone through;
But I know, and I’m free at last!

Wonderful thought, my freedom was bought;
My future is bright and secure.
I struggled, I fought; it all came to 'naught,
'Twas all I could do to endure.

But God saw my plight while trying to fight,
My efforts to set myself free;
My feeble attempt could never exempt -
My tally was too great for me.

For sin takes its toll, it darkens the soul;
It ends up in heartache and pain.
I worked to be free, but never could see
'Till I received mercy again.

But God had a plan - salvation for man
Brought forth before eons of time.
I could not win my fight against sin;
It seemed like a sentence for crime.

Then God saved my soul,
Made me every whit whole;
Eternity settled it all.
I had to believe, then simply receive;
I heard, then I answered the call.

Like Moses, learn your lesson - God has a plan for 
you. Greta Zwaan

Lessons for Moses
Greta Zwaan, © 2009

It took God forty years to shape a grown man,
He did not compromise His work, and altered not His plan.
The vessel that He planned to change had known wealth and power,
Sequestered in the wilderness, relied on God each hour.

The choices that were once his own no longer held their sway,
'T'was God who held the upper hand and He would have His way.
He knew he'd come full circle from poverty to fame,
From floating in a basket to having royal claim.

A cradle in the water to a bed of feathery ease,
From the muddy Nile River to servants at his knees.
Then forced into the desert because of violent crime,
Alone, almost deserted, with nothing left but time.

Reduced to a mere mortal, no slaves at his command,
The big, blue sky above him, his feet on desert sand.
With God his lone companion, with sheep that he must tend,
No luxuries that pampered, no boisterous royal friend.

'Twas there God taught him patience to hear His loving voice,
'Twas there God gave instructions, 'twas there he made his choice.
In fear and trepidation, no longer filled with pride,
Accepted his assignment, with only God as his guide.

His wandering days were over, God's people must be freed,
The Egyptian rule was over - that's what God had decreed.
The obstacles were many, the challenges severe,
But faith brought strong persistence and helped destroy the fear.

Eventually they conquered, the Jews were finally free,
Moses, God and Aaron would claim the victory!

Obedience is the answer, God settles for no less,
The road may not be easy, the journey filled with stress.
But always He's the victor, endurance is the clue:
Like Moses, learn your lesson - God has a plan for you.

Dreams Not Schemes
Greta Zwaan, © 2009

There are no schemes in this world, although you might think it so,
The deeds of darkness come to light, there's nothing God can't know.
You may think that no one sees, that no one is aware,
That others are preoccupied, that others do not care.

Your record may seem clean to you, your conscience without shame,
But every sin that you have done is marked down in your name.
You cannot cancel out your guilt, the deeds you thought unseen,
One little error on your part declares your slate unclean.

The philanthropic works you do, the funds that you disperse,
The recognition of your name across the universe,
The falsehood underneath it all, the fraud, the claim to fame,
Presented you applause of men and gave you that acclaim.

But secrets are exposed by God, when judgment rolls around,
Things the masses did not know, is news God will spread around.
The very best you can achieve, to be honest, just and true;
You'll never need to be on guard, God will be pleased with you.

Let Jesus be your cleansing power, let Him fulfill your dreams,
Once you have been born again, you need plan no more schemes.

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Christian Quotes
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Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Additional Christian Poetry

Someone Will Pay
Greta Zwaan,   2010

Sin will be punished by you or by Christ;
Never blame God for your acts.
The road of salvation is clear before you,
Don't be dissuaded by earth's sinful facts.

There's much to tempt you, much to distract you,
Satan would have you destroyed;
It's a dangerous path to follow his lead,
But truly, he wants you employed.

The pictures he paints are enticing and cruel,
His evil knows no human bounds,
He's subtle, destructive, demanding and false,
No evil expressed so resounds.

All over the world there's anguish expressed,
The folly? "I've made the wrong choice,
If only I'd listened when conscience spoke up,
Adhered to my self's inner voice."

Am I too late for amends to be made?
Too late to express my regret?
Can I escape these clutches I'm in?
Is there hope for a change in me yet?

Oh! Praise the Lord! Christ has paid for my sin,
The blood of the Lamb covers all.
I have confessed and now I've been cleansed,
Christ rescued me from the fall.

Greta Zwaan, © 2011

T'was five fish burgers he carried as he dashed to the top of the hill;
His mother had packed him a basket, his appetite to fulfill.
He was young, he was strong, he was healthy; he was eager to follow the crowd,
He had heard of this fellow called "Jesus" and how hearts were swayed, hearts were bowed.

He needed a personal experience -"Never believe all that you hear."
He figured he'd use his own judgment as he pushed through the crowd and drew near.
WOW! There were thousands of people! The most folks that he'd ever seen,
This Jesus had them all seated and slowly he crawled in between.

That many people! Yet, silence. Not a soul uttered a word!
The only one speaking was Jesus, for no other sound could be heard.
It's late; he should eat his lunch now, he should leave and be on his way;
Yet something compelled him to listen, to hear what Jesus would say.

Then he heard Him question those seated, "Did anyone here bring their lunch?"
He offered his fish burger basket, but it couldn't feed this huge bunch!
But Jesus blessed it and broke it - everyone ate and was filled -
All from his basket of burgers!He was astonished and thrilled!

He'd sat at the feet of the Master! He'd given Him all that he had,
And, oh, what a great transformation occurred in the heart of this lad!

My Pledge
Greta Zwaan, © 1995

Lord, You're the One I want to please, the one I've given my heart to.
Yet failure seems to loom so big, whate'er I put a start to.
My plans are big, my goals are high, yet I cannot achieve it.
I want to serve and love You most, but who would e'er believe it?

Intentions spring within my heart to always walk beside You,
But many times I'm miles ahead, Your voice I do not heed to.
I have my life so well mapped out - each day, each week is taken,
You have a little corner too, so Lord, don't feel forsaken.

I'll give You all the time that's left; I'll plan, I'll be real careful.
In church I'll speak my piece for You; at home, I'll be more prayerful.
Out in the world? Well, Lord, that's hard.Think of my reputation!
To be a Christian nowadays could split a good relation.

My job's at stake if I speak out, my friends perhaps would leave me.
And then what could I do for You? Oh, Lord,You must believe me!
What's that You say? My heart's not Yours? But Lord! That's my desire!
I walked the aisle some years ago; there's sparks, perhaps not fire.

Yet all You ask is for my love? A better understanding?
A knowledge of Your precious Word, a bond that's true and banding?
I see it now, yes, Lord, I do - I need to get to know You.
I need that time alone each day to learn the things You'll show me.

Lord, tell me what will bring You joy, and help me to achieve that,
Remove my doubts, remove my fears, and help me to believe that.
Although I've failed You in the past, You've always been beside me.
Lord, take my life, make it anew, forYou alone can guide me.

This day I stand inside Your house, and here before Your altar,
I pledge my love, I give my heart, please, help me not to falter.
Too long I've walked this road of sin, a path so dark and lonely.
I'm here to change directions, Lord, to love and serve You only.

Equality and Ownership
Greta Zwaan, © 2006

The dust on the ground lies equal at our feet;
The air that we breathe is equally sweet.
The early morning sun brings light to my door;
It gives the same to each - no less and no more.

You may not choose where the raindrops fall
Or when the whippoorwill sends out its mating call.
You can't control the coming days of spring,
Nor can you tell the robin when to sing.

You can't control the waters of the sea,
Nor draw upon the sands where its lines will be.
You cannot tell the length of days of man;
The thoughts in his mind or what he might plan.

You might think you have power and that you're in control,
But only God is able to discern what's in man's soul.
The might you have been given, the strength that you display,
Is yours but for a moment, then it quickly fades away.

All your dreams and fancies are but a breath of air,
All your schemes and planning can bring you to despair.
Look up and see your Maker who holds time in His hands,
Revolve your thoughts around Him, include Him in your plans.

In charge of every moment, of every breath you take,
Authority and power o'er every move you make.
You can't deny His kinship, you can't ignore His claim,
Whatever your decision, He's faithful; He'll remain.

He pleads for your devotion; eternal life is free!
You only need acceptance;you only need to see.
That Christ has made this offer, Yes! Christ is in control;
If you choose for the Master, then He'll choose for your soul.

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