Christian Poems

Be inspired by these Christian poems full of verses that are inspirational, encouraging and praise.

To Serve You, Oh Lord
Author: Byron Pulsifer, 2012

Oh Lord The Almighty,
I have five fingers upon my hand,
Each one of these fingers
Tells me to pray.

My thumb is closer to thee Oh Lord,
And it tells me to pray
For all those that
Are close to me
My family and my friends.

My next finger tells me
To pray for those that are in need
For those that need help
And for me to help those
Who are less able to help themselves.

My highest finger
Tells me to pray for those
That lead our country,
That ensure our freedom so
That we may always worship thee
Without restriction or persecution.

My fourth finger tells me to pray
For all God's children
Across the world
Who are in desperate need

My smallest finger tells me
To pray for God's little children
For all those children that need guidance
That need love and attention
That need to feed in the word of God.

All my fingers serve your desires, Oh Lord,
That help me to remember in prayer
All those that need your guidance and love
Each and every day.

Christian Quotes
from great Christian minds:

A Christian life proves itself
not in words, but character.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Christian faith isn't so much
what you say you believe
but how you behave in a consistent manner.
A. W. Tozer

Once in 7 years I burn all of my sermons.
It is a shame if I cannot write better sermons than 7 years ago.
John Wesley

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