41 Poems of Encouragement

Let these short poems of encouragement inspire, motivate, and encourage you. Let the poetry of these Poets give you words that will uplift you and help you look at your situation with hope and positivity. We all need inspirational people who will support us, and give us strength. And, we should offer encouragement to others, it is free to give but can influence and impact a person's life more than you realize.

The poetry here is also great to share with others who need words that are inspirational and uplifting. Reading a poem can be the inspiration that someone needs. All of these writings can help a friend or family member look at a situation with hope and excitement, rather than with fear and depression.

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Popular Encouragement Poems

  1. I Can't and I Can
    Poet: William Allen Butler

    As on through life's journey we go day by day,
    There are two whom we meet, at each turn of the way,
    To help or to hinder, to bless or to ban,
    And the names of these two are: "I Can't" and "I Can".....
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  2. Accept Your Inner Beauty
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In the mirror, what do you see?
    Not just outward appearance, but the beauty in thee.
    For inner beauty shines, a radiant light,
    Encouraging whispers, pure and bright.

    It's not in the eyes of those passing by,
    But in your heart's depths, where true beauty lies.
    Reassurance comes from within your soul,
    In the value you hold, making you whole.

    So don't seek approval from others' gaze,
    For inner beauty's grace, it never betrays.
    Accept yourself fully, just as you are,
    For that's where true beauty is like a guiding star.

    In a world where looks may steal the show,
    Remember, inner beauty's glow.
    You're more than just a pretty face,
    Your worth gives more to secure your place.

    Don't give up on your dreams, you have the potential to live them out!
  3. Hold Fast Your Dreams
    Poet: Louise Driscoll

    Hold fast your dreams!
    Within your heart
    Keep one still, secret spot
    Where dreams may go,
    And, sheltered so,
    May thrive and grow
    Where doubt and fear are not.
    O keep a place apart,
    Within your heart,
    For little dreams to go!

  4. Analysis of The Poem, Hold Fast Your Dreams:
    In a world often filled with cynicism and doubt, Driscoll's words serve as a gentle reminder to hold onto our dreams. By creating a space within ourselves dedicated solely to our aspirations, we are essentially safeguarding their potential. This act of belief can indeed be the catalyst for transforming our dreams into tangible realities.

    Despite the unpredictable winds of life that may hit us, maintaining an unwavering faith in our dreams allows us to navigate through challenges with resilience and purpose. Through Driscoll's poem, we are reminded that while external circumstances may fluctuate, the inner sanctuary where our dreams reside remains untouchable by negativity or fear. Truly embracing the concepts of this poem empowers us to cultivate a sense of unwavering determination toward fulfilling our aspirations.

  5. If Any
    Poet: Poet: Edison Jackson

    If any little words of ours
    Can make one life the brighter;
    If any little song of ours
    Can make one heart the lighter,
    God help us speak the little word,
    And take our bit of saying
    And drop it in some lonely vale,
    To set the echoes ringing.

    If any little thought of ours
    Can make one life the stronger.
    If any little cheery smile of ours
    Can make its brightness longer,
    Then let us speak that thought tonight
    With tender voices glowing,
    May God give you love and strength
    To reap from your glad sowing.

  6. Source:
    Rappahannock Record, 25 May 1961 This poem was written by Edison Jackson, from the Class of 61 at Central High School.

  7. Don't Give In
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    When obstacles block your way, don't give in,
    The path may be tough, but you're destined to win.
    Try again and again, in a different direction,
    For persistence and hope are the keys to perfection.

    When one door closes, another will appear,
    Don't lose heart, or give in to fear.
    With faith and courage, with each new day,
    Keep moving forward, in your own unique way.

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  9. As We Meet
    Poet: Susan Coolidge

    As we meet and touch, each day,
    The many travellers on our way,

    Let every such brief contact be
    A glorious, helpful ministry;

    The contact of the soil and seed,
    Each giving to the other's need,

    Each helping on the other's best,
    And blessing, each, as well as blest.

  10. Analysis of The Poem, Hold Fast Your Dreams:
    "As We Meet" by Susan Coolidge is about the interactions we have with others as we journey through life. The poem suggests that each encounter should be seen as an opportunity to help and support one another. It compares these interactions to the relationship between soil and seed, where both give to each other and help each other grow. Overall, the poem emphasizes the importance of kindness and mutual support in our daily interactions with others.

  11. The Winds of Change
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Embrace the winds of change with open eyes,
    Opportunity awaits as old ways bid goodbyes.
    Be not afraid, for change is nature's song,
    Adapt and grow, find where you belong.

    With optimism's gaze, see the shifting tide,
    For in every change, new paths will reside.
    Let go of resistance, and welcome the new,
    For life's beauty lies in its ever-changing view.

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  13. The Two Brothers
    By Lucien M. Lewis

    There were twin brothers, we are told,
    Whose mother at their hour of birth
    To satisfy some curious whim,
    Gave them the oddest names on earth. . . .
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  14. Shine Just Where You Are
    By John Hay

    Don't waste your time in longing
    For bright, impossible things;
    Don't sit supinely yearning
    For the swiftness of wings;
    Don't spurn to be a rushlight
    Because you are not a star.
    But brighten some bit of darkness
    By shining just where you are.

    There is need of the tiniest candle
    As well as the garish sun;
    The humblest deed is ennobled
    When it is worthily done;
    You may never be called to brighten
    The darkest regions afar;
    So, fill for the day your mission
    By shining just where you are.

  15. The poem, Shine Just Where You Are, advises against wasting time longing for unattainable things or feeling inadequate compared to others. Instead, the Poet encourages us to embrace our current circumstances and make a positive impact right where we are. The poem reminds us to be satisfied and content with each day rather than aspiring to grand things - in other words be happy today.

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  16. Transformation Within
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Within yourself, power resides,
    To transform from within, where true change abides.
    Not by external forces, but by your guided inner will,
    Those encouraging whispers, urging you still.

    In the depths of your soul, lies a spark,
    Ready to ignite, even in the dark.
    Through every challenge, you'll find a way,
    To grow and evolve, day by day.

    Though obstacles may loom, and doubts may arise,
    Reassurance in knowing, your doubt surely dies.
    For within you lies a strength untold,
    A mighty spirit, a quest so bold.

    So trust in yourself, and the journey you're on,
    Never give in so you're not someone's pawn.
    Believe in the process, and the path you pursue,
    Encouragement guides, as you renew.

    With each moment of courage, each leap you take,
    You'll find yourself transforming, no mistake.
    So face the journey, with a heart open wide,
    For within you, transformation will provide.

  17. Time
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Time slips through our fingers with silent grace,
    Each day a precious moment we must embrace.
    Don't linger, don't delay, for time won't heed your call,
    Enjoy each passing moment before it's gone, that's all.

    So seize the day with joy and no delay,
    For tomorrow may not bring another chance to play.
    Embrace the now, for in an instant it's passed,
    Don't procrastinate, for time moves fast.

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    A reminder that  perseverance is a  key to success. No matter what happens - whether a failure or a mistake - don't stop, keep going!
  19. Keep Going
    Poet: Kate Summers, ©2020

    When failures come - keep going
    When you feel like giving up - keep going
    When people mock your idea - keep going
    When challenges you face - keep going
    When mistakes are made, learn - but keep going
    Because perseverance just keeps going!

  20. Inspirational verses that are encouraging and help us see even in challenging times, we need to be optimistic and positive in our thinking.
  21. Trouble But Not Defeat
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer, ©2020

    Underneath our feet we find
    Those branches and thorns a grind.
    Why is so life so mean
    It is as if no other scene.

    Through life, you know, you will find
    We sometimes just close our minds.
    Those solutions we so desperately want
    All appear like yesterdays many tyrants.

    But, do not trouble or be dismayed
    There are good times on the way.
    When you look beyond the norm
    You'll find you need not conform.

    Be bold, be happy, be confident
    You are not meant to lament.
    These things so sure today
    Can vanish without delay.

    So when trouble comes your way
    Do not accept defeat and ruin your day
    Move forward with a focused view
    Stay positive in all you do.

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    What do you do when you feel overwhelmed, when you are feeling down, when you have lost hope? The answer is in the poem,  Move Past This.
  23. Move Past This
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2019

    When you are feeling down
    And all you can muster up is a frown
    That is the time to stop
    And count your blessings until you drop.

    Focus on all of life's good
    And you will find things work out as they should
    Feeling sorry and just sitting around
    It is a sure thing to bring you down.

    Take some action, make a move
    It doesn't matter if others approve
    Nothing lasts forever
    You will move past this if you endeavor!

  24. No Regrets
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer

    In truth we find the clearest path to peace,
    With honesty, our hearts and minds release,
    No regret shall linger in the wake of trust,
    For genuine words and actions are a must.
    Be honest with yourself, embrace your light,
    And with others, let truth guide you right,
    For a life lived in honesty is pure and bright.

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  26. You Are The One
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer, ©2020

    There are so many who love to scorn
    They are the ones who blow one's horn.
    To cast aspersions upon the others
    They never see that they are hunters.

    They love to hunt out what looks so less
    So they can be better to confess.
    That they deserve the praises massed
    To call all others to celebrate how they've surpassed.

    But, do not despair because these so glorious called
    Are nothing more than themselves enthralled.
    You, instead, are at the top
    Not ever needing to namedrop.

    You need not dare compare
    To those who really have no flare.
    Just do your best, give it all you've got
    You will make more headway and be on top.

    It doesn't matter what others say
    You just do your best and don't be swayed
    You are the one you answer to
    And to yourself always be true.

  27. Find motivation in this call to action to voice your opinion, always speak the truth, and most importantly be yourself, and live to your potential!
  28. Authenticity Declare
    Poet: Robert Rivers, ©2020

    Have you ever seen a clown
    Who is sad and has a frown?
    That makeup done shows no cracks
    But within so suffers from attacks.

    We are so often showing false
    Guarded by the hardest walls.
    Our thoughts we keep to ourself
    We put them up on a shelf.

    How we feel we don't show
    We pretend to go with the flow.
    So often, it is true that we hide
    How we really feel inside.

    For it is true I do assure
    That what we really are unsure.
    Be instead that which is true
    Be who you are has its' virtue.

    There is no reason to abide
    No reason for feelings to hide
    For we would rather know
    The real person for you to show.

  29. We all face challenges, times where we need to talk it out - reach out and talk it out with a friend. Friends cheer each other on, offer support, and give us strength.
  30. Issues We All Face
    Poet: Robert Rivers, ©2020

    I know what you may face today
    All those issues that come your way.
    Within the dark of the night
     Gives no one any delight.

    If you think you are alone
    Simply call a friend on the phone.
    It is never beyond a true friend's scope
    To be there to help you cope.

    No matter who you are
    Those troubles are not too far.
    But, never be one to give up so quick
    We can always intervene that is the trick.

    Life issues will come and go
    Sometimes fast and sometimes slow
    Sometimes good and sometimes bad
    Giving us happy and giving us sad.

    Don't hold it in, don't be uptight
    Stand your ground, give it a fight
    Issues can cause so much stress
    But always remember that life can also bless.

    So talk it out with a friend
    You will feel better in the end.
    Issues we always face
    But talking it out makes this world a better place.

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  32. No Riches Within
    Poet: Byron Pulsifer, ©2020

    There are so, so many who have money
    But, they aren't even happy or funny.
    They scowl and often complain
    That they don't have enough to maintain.

    What is so sad to say
    These people always cry and bay.
    No matter how much
    They're always in a financial crush.

    So what is the truth?
    To know may seem uncouth.
    But this is not the problem
    So let's get to the bottom.

    Without a heart, I'd say
    Is one of the issues in array.
    To give, for them, to others now
    Is more for them then they allow.

    Without a heart, a heart of love
    They would never hereof
    The Golden Rule that is so true.
    To give to others is a blessed avenue.

    It is not possessing the money that is at fault
    It is the worshiping of money that causes the assault.
    We only need that is enough for this day
    There is no need to be any other way.

  33. Motivational and optimistic verses full of advice for
     happiness and contentment.

  34. The Bright Side
    Poet: Lillian E Curtis

    There's many a sunbeam behind a cloud,
    And smooth waves after rough tide,
    When the weather is bleak and the winds are loud,
    We'll look on the brightest side.

    The ups and downs of this life are many,
    But the joys obscured from sight,
    By trials and troubles unknown to any,
    Are continually brought to light.

  35. When others disappoint you, let the following poem remind you not to judge others, and may it be a reminder that we all have strengths and weaknesses. It is easy to judgment on in others, but take a look at yourself before you do and you may find you are just as bad if not worse!
  36. Take A Walk Around Yourself
    Poet: Unknown

    When you're criticising others,
    And are finding, here and there,
    A fault or two to speak of
    Or a weakness you can tear:
    When you're blaming some one's weakness,
    Or accusing some of pelf -
    It's time that you went out
    To take a walk around yourself.

    There's lots of human failures
    In the average of us all,
    And lots of grave short comings
    In the short ones and the tail;
    But when we think of evils
    Men should lay upon the shelves,
    It's time we all went out
    To take a walk around ourselves.

    We need so often in this life
    This balancing of scales,
    This seeing how much in us wins
    And how much in us fails;
    But before you judge another -
    Just to lay him on the shelf -
    It would be a splendid plan
    To take a walk around yourself.

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    Using the analogy of a tree to remind us we grow stronger by our challenges!
  38. Being Strong
    Poet: Douglas Malloch

    The tree that never had to fight
    for sun and sky and air and light
    but stood out in the open plain
    and always got it share of rain,
    never became a forest king
    but lived and died a scrubby thing.
    Good timber does not grow with ease.
    The stronger wind, the stronger trees.

  39. Face The Sun
    Poet Unknown

    Don't hunt for trouble, but look for success;
    You'll find what you look for--don't look for distress.
    If you see but your shadow, remember, I pray,
    That the sun is still shining, but you're in the way.

    Don't grumble, don't bluster, don't sigh and don't shirk;
    Don't think of your worries, but think of your work.
    The worries will vanish, the work will be done,
    No man sees his shadow - who faces the sun.

  40. One Task At A Time
    by Everett Wentworth Hill

    One task at a time without worry or fear;
    One day at a time though the morrow draws near;
    One deed well accomplished suffices the day -
    Start not many missions, take time out to play.

    You can't borrow sunlight from night open door;
    One task and one day is enough to explore.
    Make every hour count in the moments you spend;
    Tomorrow's a stranger, today is a friend.

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  42. If For One Day
    by Jane Merchant

    If for one day
    I can forget
    The nagging care,
    The needless fret;

    For one day, keep
    My spirit clear
    From anxious doubt
    And useless fear;

    If for one day
    I can believe
    In life, and joyously

    The blessings that
    Are always mind
    Of earth and air
    And love divine -

    Oh, then at last,
    At last, I may
    Learn how to do it
    Every day.

  43. Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day. E.B. White

    A powerful poem about how it is never to late
  44. Never Too Late To Mend
    Poet: Nixon Waterman

    Of course, if you mean to catch a train,
    The better way is to start in time.
    Still, if you're late.
    Don't rail at fate.
    And sob and sigh and wail and wait
    For another day,
    But sprint away  . . . .
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  45. Poor Richard's Sayings
    by Benjamin Franklin

    Little strokes fell great oaks.
    One to-day is worth two to-morrows.
    There are no gains without pains.
    Whate'er's begun in anger ends in shame.

    Diligence is the mother of good luck.
    He that riseth late must trot all day, and shall scarce overtake his business at night.
    What we call time enough always proves little enough.
    Laziness travels so slowly that Poverty soon overtakes him.

    He that is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
    Constant dropping will wear out a stone.
    Early to bed and early to rise,
    make a man healthy, and wealthy, and wise.

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  47. We Shall Be Satisfied
    Poet: S. K. Phillips

    The course of the weariest river
    Ends in the great, gray sea;
    The acorn forever and ever
    Strives upward to the tree;
    The rainbow, the sky adorning,
    Shines promise through the storm;
    The glimmer of coming morning
    Through midnight gloom will form.
    By time all knots are riven,
    Complex although they be,
    And peace will at last be given,
    Dear, both to you and me.

    Then, though the path be dreary,
    Look forward to the goal;
    Though the heart and the head be weary,
    Let faith inspire the soul;
    Seek the right, though the wrong be tempting;
    Speak the truth at any cost;
    Vain is all weak exempting
    When once that gem is lost;
    Let strong hand and keen eye be ready
    For plain or ambushed foes;
    Thought earnest and fancy steady
    Bear best unto the close.

    The heavy clouds may be raining,
    But with evening comes the light;
    Through the dark, low winds complaining,
    Yet the sunrise gilds the height;
    And Love has his hidden treasure
    For the patient and the pure;
    And Time gives his fullest measure
    To the workers who endure;
    And the word that no lore has shaken
    Has the future pledge supplied;
    For we know that when we "awaken "
    We shall be "satisfied."

  48. The Gifts
    Poet: Berton Braley

    May these be yours
    The Gifts that make the Dreamers into Doers,
    The Gift to work

    Through Joy and Sorrow, Light or Murk,
    To play, with all your soul and heart,
    A manly part!

    The Gift of Discontent, to keep you driving
    Forward and up, forever striving
    For something better in the days hereafter;

    The Gift of Kindness and the Gift of Laughter,
    And all the gifts of Love and Faith and Friends,
    Of Justice and of Truth,

    And in your heart, until life's journey ends,
    The Priceless Gift of Youth,
    Hope that inspires and Courage that endures,
    May all these Gifts be Yours!

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  50. We Do Not Care
    Poet: Will D. Muse

    We do not care what the world may say
    If those whom we love are true;
    We do not mind the toil of the day
    If we know in the dusk and the dew
    There waits some one who will welcome us
    As we come home to rest
    Some friends who will say, "Dear heart, I know
    That to-day you have done your best."

    We do not mind if the thorns are sharp,
    Or the pathway is rough and steep;
    We do not mind if we plow and sow
    For others to come and reap.
    If we can but hear, when the twilight comes
    And the red in the West grows gray,
    Some dear voice whisper these words of cheer:
    "You have fought a good fight to-day."

    For the heart don't care what the world may say
    If those whom it loves are true,
    For 'twas ever and always the heart's own way
    To long for the love and rue.
    You forget the gain, the loss, and the pain
    That tortures your pulsing breast,
    If there's one who always in sweet, blind faith
    Can say: "You have done your best."

  51. If We
    Poet: Adele E. Ingersoll

    If we noticed little pleasures
    As we notice little pains;
    If we quite forget our losses
    And remember all our gains;
    If we looked for people's virtues,
    And their faults refused to see;
    What a comfortable, happy,
    Cheerful place this world would be!

  52. Our Character Revealed
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    In every step we take, our character is revealed,
    Not through empty words, but in the things we yield.
    Actions echo loudly, speaking volumes clear,
    Showing who we are and what we truly hold dear.

    Promises kept, and deeds aligned with our word,
    Prove that integrity and honor are always preferred.
    So let our actions speak for us, loud and true,
    What you say make sure you do.

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  54. Rose In The Road
    Poet: Unknown

    There is many a rose in the road of life
    If we would only stop to take it;
    And many a tone from the better land
    If the querulous heart would make it;
    To the sunny soul that is full of hope
    And whose beautiful trust ne'er faileth,
    The grass is green and the flowers are bright
    Though the winter storm prevaileth.

    Better to hope, though the clouds hand low,
    And to keep the eyes still lifted;
    For the sweet blue sky will still peep through
    When the ominous clouds are rifted!
    There was never a night without a day,
    Or an evening without a morning;
    And the darkest hour, as the proverb goes,
    Is the hour before the dawning.

    There is many a gem in the path of life,
    Which we pass in our idle pleasure,
    That is richer far than the jewelled crown,
    Or the miser's hoarded treasure;
    It may be the love of a little child,
    Or a mother's prayers to heaven,
    Or only a beggar's grateful thanks
    For a cup of water given.

    Better to weave in the web of life
    A bright and golden filling,
    And to do God's will with a ready heart,
    And hands that are swift and willing.
    Than to snap the slender, delicate threads
    Of our curious life asunder,
    And then blame Heaven for the tangled ends,
    And sit and grieve and wonder.

  55. The Aim
    Poet: Philip James Bailey

    We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths;
    In feelings, not in figures on a dial.
    We should count time by heart-throbs when they beat;
    For God, for man, for duty. He most lives
    Who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best;
    And he whose heart beats quickest, lives the longest -
    Lives in an hour more than in years do some
    Whose fat blood sleeps as it slips along their veins.
    Life is but a means to an end; that end,
    Beginning, mean, and end to all things - God.

  56. A reminder to motivate others by giving  them  support!
  57. A Pat on the Back
    Poet: Edgar A. Guest

    A pat on the back is a wonderful thing.
    It gives a man courage to whistle and sing;
    When hope is departing, the outlook is grim,
    A pat on the back then says volumes to him.
    It whispers: "Keep at it!  You're doing all right,
    Just dig in your toes and get busy and fight,
    There's one man behind you, go to it, old man.
    One pal who is sure that you can, that you can."

    A pat on the back from a stranger or friend
    When your jaw starts to sag and your knees start to bend
    Will bring you right up with new courage and grit
    And you'll keep in the fight when you were going to quit,
    You'll feel it, you'll hear it - yes, actually hear it -
    For hours saying "dig in, old fellow. Don't fear it.
    That isn't as hard as it looks. Be a man.
    There's a fellow back there who believes that you can."

    Just a pat on the back. And for days and for days,
    No matter how far you may roam, it still stays
    By your side, and no matter how hard be your fight
    It's whispering always: ''You'll come out all right.
    There's a fellow back there who's believing in you.
    Expecting each minute to see you come through
    With your colors still flying and leading your clan!"
    And the first thing you know you are saying: ''I can."

    Oh, a pat on the back is a wonderful thing.
    The touch of it's magic; I've known it to bring
    Back hopes that were fleeting, and strength that seemed gone
    And smiles that had vanished and urge a man on
    When it seemed that he couldn't one step advance more
    Till he conquered. And that's what I'm singing this for;
    If you see a poor brother whose nerve's out of whack.
    Just step up and give him a pat on the back.

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  59. I Will
    Poet: David V. Bush

    I will, I can, I will!
    Says he who means to win.
    For there's no power this side of death
    Can shut and keep him in.

    I will, I can, I will!
    Is the slogan that never fails.
    And there's no power on land or sea
    To keep down that man's sails.

    I will, I can, I will!
    Has turned the world around
    And saved a people many times
    When others thought them, down.

    I will, I can, I will!
    Obstacles I'll defy!
    For there's no power can beat a man
    Who never will say, "die."

  60. Make The Best
    Poet: George Stephenson

    Make the best of every thing
    Think the best of everybody;
    Hope the best for yourself:
    Do as I have done, — persevere.

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  62. Lessons Shown
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Sometimes when we are frustrated, we forget
    The challenges we've overcome, the battles met
    So remember how much we've grown
    For every setback, a lesson was shown.

    Keep moving forward, don't dwell on defeat
    With each small step, our success will repeat
    Encouraging ourselves with all that we've achieved
    Reminding us of the strength we can perceive.

  63. Keep moving forward, don't dwell on defeat

  64. Good Times
    Poet: Unknown

    Good times they are comin'.
    Don't stand in their way;
    Git onto the curbstone.
    An' give 'em full sway.
    Don't block up the traffic.
    Don't hinder their pace;
    Good times they are comin',
    Make way for the race!

    Good times they are comin',
    Push, push on behind;
    Don't scowl at the pageant,
    Be cheerful an' kind.
    Encourage the drummin'
    With smiles on your face;
    Good times they are coming
    Make way for the race!

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  66. Don't Let Defeat
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

    Rest assured all will be alright,
    Don't let defeat be your plight.
    Though now your courage feels meek,
    Remember the victories you seek.

    Let past successes strengthen your heart,
    You must not lose hope when things come apart.
    Move forward with determination and drive,
    You'll find success as you strive.

  67. There Are Others
    Poet: Unknown

    If times are hard, and you feel blue.
    Think of others, worrying, too.
    Just because your trials are many
    Don't think the rest of us haven't any.

    Life's made up of smiles and tears,
    Joys and sorrows, mixed with fears;
    And though to you it may seem one-sided,
    Trouble is pretty well divided.

    If we could look in every heart,
    We'd find that each one has its part.
    And those who travel Fortune's road
    Sometimes carry the biggest load.

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    The poems here are also great to include in a card - graduation, get well, congratulations - no matter what the occasion you will find poems to provide encouragement and inspiration.

    To quote the words said by William Arthur Ward,
    "Flatter me, and I may not believe you.
    Criticize me, and I may not like you.
    Ignore me, and I may not forgive you.
    Encourage me, and I will not forget you."

    Share the verses in these poems and you may positively influence a person. And, We agree with the words of Jim Stovall, "You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help each other, everybody wins." Promoting and fostering each other's strengths is a great form of encouragement. We all need hope for a better tomorrow.

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