Goodbye Poems

A collection of goodbye poems. And we say goodbye on different occasions, a break up, moving, death, retirements to name only a few. Here find verses and poetry that express sentiments for the person who is leaving.

Short poems that express thoughts of leaving and goodbyes:

Saying Goodbye Poems
It is not easy to say farewell but ...

The Right Goodbye

When times are tough,
This is when I bolt. . .

Good Bye To You
How do you say goodbye,
To someone as sweet as you. . .

There Is No
There is no goodbye, only hello again,
There may just be time in between. . .

Remember Our Love
The next time we will meet,
May be many moons away. . .

An Unwanted Goodbye
My time with you has mean't so much,
I only wish it didn't have to end. . .

Leaving Me
I need you now,
Not then or there. . .

Short Quotes:

"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting." J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

"Sometimes saying goodbye to the ones you love can be the most appropriate thing to do in order to help them understand there are consequences for each and every choice we make." Raphael Zernoff

"for every goodbye, God also provides a hello." Donna Gable Hatch

"Good bye, farewell, so long, for today, but we will meet again my firend." Catherine Pulsifer

"Sometimes good-bye is a second chance. Clears your head. Anyway... missing someone makes you remember why you loved that person in the first place." Jamie McGuire

There are many different times in our lives when we say goodbye. You may find these
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