Thought for the Day

Start the day with a positive poem or thought; it can help bring you focus and energy and hopefully provide an inspirational message for your day!

Your Life
By Julie Hebert, © 2011

Each day we are given is a gift,
And a gift we always should appreciate.
When days start to run together,
It's then that our days depreciate.

So try to slow and take each day,
Only one at a time.
Life will always have its ups and downs,
But the ups are more fun to climb.

Every morning you awake accomplishing something,
Should be on your mind.
So choose your thought for the day,
And do it and then unwind.

If every day you have a goal,
And every day it gets done.
Life will never run away,
And life will be much more fun

A Thought
"I'm grateful for the failures Iíve had because
those failures made me more successful .

Derek C. Doepker

What's Life To You?
by , © 2015

One, two,
Whats your point of view.
Three, four,
Is life a bore?
Five, six,
Or is it the kicks?
Seven, eight,
Maybe its fate.
Nine, Ten,
Lets think again.

Eleven, twelve,
Let's check our shelve.
Thirteen, fourteen,
What does it all mean?
Fifteen, sixteen,
Is life a field of green?
Seventeen, eighteen,
Or do you need to clean?

Nineteen, twenty,
Life can be plenty!
If you stop and,
Be happy as any.

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