Family Quotes

A collection of family quotes. Find a quote that you can share with your family to remind them of how special they are to you!

"My family a gift that will last me a lifetime."

Life   |

"We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time."
Clara Ortega
Memories  |

"Many are realising money is not everything. Some are considering the health and well being of themselves and their families, above fatter pay cheques, as they realise the emotional wedges growing between them and the very people they were trying to provide for."
Tracey Smith
Health  |

"Without family and friends to share in lifes frenz, life would be so grey."
Julie Hebert
Life To Me   |

"With a growing family to feed 'off the land', frugal gardening has become second nature!"
Linda Gray
Frugal Living  |

"Families are where we can be ourselves - the best and the worst of each of us."
Timothy Smith, Connecting with Your Kids

Inspirational  |

"To my mother, my inspiration, how do I adore you. You've never gone, always held on, kept our family together like glue."
Julie Hebert, A Wonderful Mother

Mother  |

"Family festivals, celebrations, and rituals are opportunities to come and turn an ordinary day into one to remember."
Judy Ford
Opportunity   |

"Traditions have the added value of creating continuity within the family."
John C. Maxwell, Your Road Map For Success

Positive   |

"Living with a sister is easier than moving in with a friend. When your new roommate is not a family member, you both act like nervous newlyweds."
Jeanie Pyun
Sister  |

"We are a family because we consider the good for all before the good for one."
Gregory E. Lang, Why We Are A Family
Thoughtful   |

"Having fun together will strengthen your family and foster easy, honest relationships among all of you."
Judy Ford, Wonderful Ways to Love a Child
Quotes to Live By  |

"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there."
Barbara Bush
Appreciation  |

When spending time with friends and family, focus on growing that relationship.
Drew Eubanks, Getting Results
Friendship  |

Take out a bit of time and dedicate it to being with friends and family members.
Robert Gallagher, Stress Management
Time   |

"Any problem, big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn't listening."
Emma Thompson
Listening  |

Sometimes your friends and family can see things more clearly. Ask for their input and seek out some mature counsel.
Patricia King, Dream Big
Poems about Life   |

People often hide this information from friends or family due to the fear that this would make them likely to be rejected by them.
Lesley Harriot, How To Have Successful Relationships
Failure  |

You'll notice that happy people often have a healthy circle of friends and family that gives constant support and love.
Jonathan Brown, Depression
Happiness   |

"Some solutions are passed down from our families and some are ones we have learned since we have simplified our life."
Catherine Pulsifer
Solutions   |

Remember that family and friends are the people who will always help you succeed and be there to support you.
Felix Oberman, The Ultimate Guide to Declutter Your Life and Organize your Mind
Love  |

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