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Have we realized the necessity for being helpful, encouraging, supportive and loving in our dealings with others and regarding their successes as equally as important as our own?

Don McArt, The Mental Makeover

Helping Others Quotes

I have always believed that telling children what to do is not as good as showing them what to do. Showing them is more powerful.

Hyacinth Mottley, Words of Wisdom - Words of Faith

Children Quotes

Constantly trying to shield yourself from the influence of people who don't have your best interest at heart is a very stressful thing to do, so it is in your best interest to avoid them completely if you can.

Noel N, Daily Planner: Productivity Boosts for Faster Results

Stress Quotes

One of the keys to attaining any goal is to figure out which actions will lead to the accomplishment of that goal and then enshrining those actions in a regular habit
Mike Buffington, Hacking Laziness: How to Outwit, Outsmart & Outmaneuver Procrastination
Goals Quotes

You need to remember and take responsibility for all that you are, and all that you are not.
Charles Duncan, 5-minute Habits
Short Motivational Quotes

Love yourself for who you truly are and not for someone other people want you to be.
Ryan Cooper, Insecurity: Insecurity To Self Confidence NOW!
Love Quotes

Dare to dream. Dare to stand out. Dare to go against the grain. Dare to challenge your perceived limitations.
Claire Louise Hay, Having It All: A Guide to Creating a Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Dream Quotes

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