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  1. Keep your dreams alive - take action, let them thrive. Catherine Pulsifer, Dreams Alive
    Poems On Adventure

  2. Being a parent is a great privilege which sometimes we forget in the rush to live our other dreams.   Manidipa Bhattacharyya, To Know, 50 Things
    Thought Provoking Quotes

  3. So when the light moves forward to green keep going ever so keen But don't give up when the light is red otherwise, your dreams and goals will be dead. Catherine Pulsifer, The Lights of Life
    Keep Going Poems

  4. And as you share your best with others, lo, slowly above your leaden rim will glow - a nobler future than you dared to dream Frank Otis Erb, Serve Where You Are
    Be The Best You Can Be

  5. Joyous, sunny days, so bright and clear, but, oh, how short a time they last! For ere we dream their close is near, summer has joined the past: Lillian E. Curtis, October
    October Poems

  6. How all my days seemed filled with dreams of you, how sometimes in the silent night your eyes thrill through me with their tender light... Author Unknown, If You But Knew
    Do You Love Me Poems

  7. If you're serious about making your dream a reality, at some point you are going to have to expose yourself to rejection and criticism   Mark McGuinness, Resilience
    Criticism Quotes

  8. Hoping for tomorrow is what makes for progress, even though most of the dreams all born of hope, never come true. Peter Witt, Forget, Believe, Hope
    Wisdom Poems

  9. A best friend is one that we can share our dreams and our plan. Catherine Pulsifer, Our BFF
    BFF Poems

  10. You also can’t achieve success or live your dream without “Believing” in both your dream and yourself. It’s the foundation of anything you will accomplish in your life.  Sarah Centrella, Hustle Believe Receive
    Words To Live By

  11. For only while the short-lived dream of childhood lasts are they thine — no longer! Unknown, How Soon We Lose Them
    Poems About Children Growing Up

  12. A dreamer dropped a random thought; 'twas old, and yet 'twas new; a simple fancy of the brain, but strong in being true. Charles MacKay, Small Beginnings
    Little Things Poems

  13. It's time to make dreams a reality, and stop waiting for things to go bad.   Julie Hebert, Stop Wish
    Wishing Poems

  14. Follow your dreams and always remember failure is not what it seems. Catherine Pulsifer, Dad's Advice and Wisdom
    Fathers Day Inspirational Poems

  15. How can I wait? The nights alone are kind; they reach forth to a future day, and bring sweet dreams of you to people all my mind Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  16. And looking forward and thinking high, and dreaming little, and doing much. Berton Braley
    The Recipe

  17. I'd like to find some quaint old boat, and fold its oars, and with it float along the lazy, limpid stream where water-lilies drowse and dream.   Nixon Waterman
    Far From The Madding Crowd

  18. You helped to refashion the dream of my heart, and made me turn eagerly to it; There were others who might have (I question that part)- but, after all, they didn't do it Grace Stricker Dawson, To A Friend
    Thank You Friend Poems

  19. But with confidence undiminished they dream of a world made new, and after their days are finished the wonderful dream comes true! Berton Braley, The Pioneers
    The Builders

  20. We need to realize our dreams and goals as before you know it time has slipped away.
    We need to realize our dreams and goals as before you know it time has slipped away. Catherine Pulsifer
    Life Is Too Short Poems

  21. "Many people thought my goal of a simpler lifestyle was crazy. I can remember people saying, 'you'll never make it'. And, then there were those who said nothing, but I could tell by their actions that they thought I was only dreaming."   Catherine Pulsifer
    You Decide

  22. Keep pushing - 'tis wiser - than sitting aside,  And dreaming and sighing, and waiting the tide:   Daniel C. Colesworthy
    Never Say Fail

  23. Life, for all, might become a bright dream, by assisting those whose trials and struggles are rife. Those pulling hard 'gainst Adversity's stream Lillian E. Curtis
    Lend A Hand

  24. All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.
    Edgar Allan Poe, A Dream Within A Dream

  25. Tis sweet in idle dreams to bask, but here and now do we do our task? Yes, this is the thing our souls must ask, "What have we done today?"   Nixon Waterman
    What Have We Done Today

  26. The road is long, and things go wrong. And folks all disagree; in vain our dreams - and yet it seems a mighty good world to me. Douglas Malloch
    It's A Mighty Good World To Me

  27. If we don’t keep our dreams alive, we won’t have our dreams any longer.   Collin McCarty, Reaching For Rainbows
    A Life Well Lived Poem

  28. You want change in your life you say - you dream about it every day. Catherine Pulsifer, You Want Change
    Poems on Change in Life

  29. Unfortunately, thousands upon thousands of people believe that "luck" is the most significant aspect that eludes them thus preventing them from being successful or attaining their dreams. Byron Pulsifer
    Oh! Tell Me Not

  30.   Are we following our dreams or the dreams of others?
  31. Are we following our dreams or the dreams of others?    Catherine Pulsifer
    The Man In The Glass Poem

  32. Not but what the doing does deepen it all. It is like putting any other dream into action. Patience Strong
    Cinderella Poem

  33. Happy Retirement a dream come true. If anyone deserves it, it is you! Catherine Pulsifer, The Best Days
    Happy Retirement

  34. He who dreams my dreams with me helps me most of all. Strickland Gillilan, The Real Helper
    The Greatest Gift

  35. Those of us who are fortunate enough to live in a democratic society often take for granted those freedoms only seen as a dream by thousands of less fortunate.   Byron Pulsifer
    Blessings Abundance

  36. With forward sight begin aright the castle of your dream. David V. Bush, Uncrowned
    Do It Better

  37. A child, with right to dream and play, to grow just as God's flowers do. Olive G. Owen, A Child
    Hero Wanted

  38. Let Jesus be your cleansing power, let Him fulfill your dreams   Greta Zwaan
    Dreams Not Schemes

  39. The new year is a.... thought process that channels the subconscious mind to give renewed birth to dreams and visions of fantastic things that can be achieved. Byron Pulsifer
    In An Open Place

  40. Dreams are not fulfilled by a mere thought; life’s achievements come about through efforts, pain and hardships, worthwhile causes never can be bought. Greta Zwaan, The Finished Product
    God Has A Plan

  41. So stay true to who you are, and follow all you're dreams.
  42. So stay true to who you are, and follow all you're dreams. And don't be scared of the unknown, be a part of the winning team. Julie Hebert, Chosen Path
    Follow Your Own Path Poems

  43. All your dreams and fancies are but a breath of air, all your schemes and planning can bring you to despair. Look up and see your Maker who holds time in His hands, revolve your thoughts around Him, include Him in your plans. Greta Zwaan, Equality and Ownership
    Journey Of Faith

  44. So next time someone is going on and on, about something they are going to do, challenge them to stop talking, and make their dreams come true.   Julie Hebert, Words Without Actions
    Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  45. "Dreams seem hectic and random, but each scene holds within it great meaning that needs to be deciphered by YOU."   Sean Lysaght, Personal Success
    Solutions Quotes

  46. May all your Christmas dreams come true - may you feel the love of God surround you Catherine Pulsifer, Love Of God
    My Christmas Wish For You

  47. You always encouraged me to dream, cheered when I succeeded, and urged me to try again when I failed.
  48. You always encouraged me to dream, cheered when I succeeded, and urged me to try again when I failed.   Sonny Melendrez, The Art of Living With Enthusiasm!
    Try, Try Again Poems

  49. Dreams are never fulfilled without a burning desire to put them into practice so that they, in turn, become a reality. Byron Pulsifer

  50. Sleep ... throws into our tired eyes the golden dust of dreams - and we forget our failures and our little futile schemes...   Patience Strong

  51. In the history of the world, there has never been an advancement without someone developing an idea, or dream, or a vision of something different, helpful, or useful for all others to utilize. Byron Pulsifer

  52. If you want something go out and get it, stop sitting and wishing you had. It's time to make dreams a reality Julie Hebert, Wishing
    Stop Wishing Start Doing

  53. Simplicity and simple things may seem like only a far fetched dream. But you have the power to control by resetting your daily goals. Catherine Pulsifer, We Get So Busy
    Simplicity Poem

  54. How bright it gleams with its illusions, aspirations, dreams! Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, How Beautiful Is Youth!
    Famous Friendship Poems

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