Helping Others Quotes

"All of us have a different purpose in life - but one common purpose is to help others."

Asking for help does not mean taht we are weak or incompetent. It usually indicates an advanced level of honesty and intelligence.
Anne Wilson Schaef

Sometimes we don't realize the effect we have on peoples lives - those that we help and others.
Catherine Pulsifer

You do good for someone else, and they in turn do good for others - what a wonderful world this would be it we all live like this!
Catherine Pulsifer

If you find something helpful to give you a hand, allow it to assist you, hands down!
Julie Hebert, Receiving Help

Being busy, helping others, focus your mind on other things will bring you stress relief. And, you may find that it will also help bring things into perspective.
Catherine Pulsifer

Take something from yourself, to give to another, that is humane and gentle and never takes away as much comfort as it brings again.
Sir Thomas More

Rather than being afraid to ask for help, remember this: When you ask someone to help you, you are actually doing them a tremendous favor by giving them an opportunity to feel needed.
Richard Carlson, Ph.D., Don't Worry, Make Money

Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.
Martin Luther King

Ask for help. It gives someone an opportunity to feel great.
Yvonne Oswald

Bring joy to your life by helping others who are less fortunate and unable.
Byron Pulsifer

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