49 Ocean Quotes

Here are some of our favorite ocean quotes. The ocean has been called "the great equalizer," because no matter where you live on Earth, there's always an ocean nearby. The ocean is also a source of inspiration for many people, especially those who love nature and the outdoors. You may also be inspred by these Ocean Poems.

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  1. Life's thoughts are the lifeboats sailing the mind's ocean.   Jazz Feylynn
    Poems of Encouragement

  2. I found a shell, and to my listening ear the lonely thing ever a song of ocean seemed to sing, ever a tale of ocean seemed to tell.   Eugene Field, The Wanderer
    Famous Poems

  3. God's love is like an ocean; you can see its beginning, but not its end.   Rick Warren
    Christian Poems

  4. But the sea which no one tends is also a garden   William Carlos Williams
    Garden Poems

  5. You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.   Mahatma Gandhi
    Poems About Hope

  6. In high seas or in low seas, I'm gonna be your friend...In high tide or in low tide, I'll be by your side...   Bob Marley
    Friendship Poems

  7. To live is to appreciate the tiny crumbles of sand and the ocean at the same time.   Skylar Sustin
    Train of Life Poem

  8. The warming of the sea, the pollution that is caused... can destroy what currently is.   Catherine Pulsifer, Every Day
    Poems About Earth Day

  9. Oh teenage years, I remember them so...there were days life was a roller coaster ride back and forth like the ocean's tides.   Catherine Pulsifer, Teenage Years
    Poems For Teenagers

  10. I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle.   Vincent van Gogh
    Baby Poems

  11. I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.
  12. I wanted freedom, open air and adventure. I found it on the sea.   Alain Gerbeault
    Adventure Quotes

  13. God spake again, the waters fled, a pace from off the earth, then stayed; the mighty ocean knew its bounds, its Maker's mandate was obeyed.   Mary Snell, God Seen In All His Work
    Poems About God

  14. The ocean makes me feel really small and it makes me put my whole life into perspective.   Beyoncé
    Poems about Life

  15. To write the love of God alone would drain the ocean dry   Unknown, The Love Of God
    Poems About God's Love

  16. The ocean gives in many ways--gives baths, gives fishes, rivers, bays   Unknown, Be Always Giving
    Poems About Helping Others

  17. The Wind that saddens, the Sea that gladdens, are singing- the selfsame strain!   Bayard Taylor, Wind And Sea
    Poems About The Wind

  18. The Sea is wedded to the Sky - element unto element: she spreads above him tenderly her blue, transparent tent.   Lucy Larcom, Sea and Sky
    Poems About Stars

  19. A simple love can be deeper than any ocean.   Laura Chouette
    Short Love Quotes

  20. May your joys be as deep as the oceans, your troubles as light as its foam.
  21. May your joys be as deep as the oceans, your troubles as light as its foam.   Irish Blessing, To You My Friend
    Birthday Poem For Friend

  22. Knowledge is knowing the depth of the ocean. Wisdom is knowing till where to swim.   Saleem Sharma
    Wisdom Quotes

  23. The seas lend silvery rain to the land, the land its sapphire streams to the ocean   Unknown, Giving and Living
    Giving Poems

  24. This life means action, - rivers onward flow. The ocean billows ever forward go.   Howard Carleton Tripp, This Life Means Action
    Motivational Poems

  25. Nor considers the mystery and beauty of our world and golden worlds in the ocean of eve as they burst through the waves of dark   Max Ehrmann, The Life That Never Dreams
    Desiderata Poem

  26. The smallest bark on life's tumultuous ocean will leave a track behind forevermore   Sarah Knowles Bolton, Influence
    Poems About Mistakes

  27. If you cannot on the ocean sail among the swiftest fleet, rocking on the highest billows, laughing at the storms you meet   G. M. Grannis, Your Mission
    Poems About New Beginnings

  28. The coral reef, that breaks the ocean’s surges, through centuries of growth alone can rise.   Unknown, Perseverance
    Poems About Perseverance

  29. More bright the east became; the ocean turned dark and more dark against the brightening sky   Richard W. Gilder, Dawn
    Famous Poems About Dawn

  30. The smallest bark on life's tempestuous ocean will leave a track behind for evermore   Sarah K. Bolton, What Lay Ahead
    Poems About Challenges

  31. My favorite place to vacation is anyplace by the ocean.
  32. My favorite place to vacation is anyplace by the ocean.   Nina Arianda
    Poems About Vacation

  33. July, how we adore thee...cool ocean waves and sparkling sands, barbecue grills and ice cream stands.   Catherine Pulsifer, The Month Of July
    July Poems

  34. Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away.   Sarah Kay
    Beauty Quotes

  35. Sunset is so marvellous that even the sun itself watches it every day in the reflections of the infinite oceans!   Mehmet Murat Ildan
    Sunset Quotes

  36. Many drops of water too, it takes to make the ocean blue; while alone, they ne'er would make   Althea Randolph, Unity
    Famous Poets

  37. In the wondrous west on the ocean's breast lies the sun upon the deep, while the fair light dies from the crimson skies as he slowly sinks to sleep   Howard Carleton Tripp, Sunset
    Poems About Sunset

  38. If I looked on the sky, 'twas suspended in air; if I looked on the ocean, the rainbow was there   Unknown, The Rainbow
    Rainbow Poems

  39. While yet a child, on ocean's shore, I gazed across the restless sea; I heard the music of its roar and wondered what it meant to me.   Bernhart Paul Holst, Life's Lesson
    Poems on Life Lessons

  40. Every fish you throw back into the ocean is a triumph of the idea that human beings can be better. I do my best, every day, to throw at least one fish back into the ocean.   Olivia Atwater
    Be The Best You Can Be

  41. Ocean has many moods and many tones yet always ocean.   Amy Lowell
    Short Positive Quotes

  42. Seasons come and seasons go, summer's flowers and Winter's snow, like the ocean's ebb and flow   John Imrie
    Inspirational Poems for The New Year

  43. The ocean in majestic turn sends foam-capp'd waves from shore to shore   Arthur Franklin Fuller, Disappointment
    Motivational Quotes

  44. Upon a mountain height, far from the sea, I found a shell, and to my listening ear the lonely thing ever a song of ocean seemed to sing, ever a tale of ocean seemed to tell.   Eugene Field
    Poems About Listening

  45. When was the last time you made an effort, to go to the ocean and see the bay?
  46. When was the last time you made an effort, to go to the ocean and see the bay?   Julie Hebert, The Simple Things In Life

  47. You cannot put one little star in motion....nor fling a mountain up, nor sink an ocean, presumptuous pigmy, large with unbelief.   Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Presumption
    God's Way

  48. We love but once. The waves, with ceaseless motion, do day and night plash on the pebbled shore; but the strong tide of the resistless ocean sweeps in but one hour of the twenty-four.   Ella Wheeler Wilcox, We Love But Once
    What Love Is

  49. I have worshipped in churches and chapels; I have prayed in the busy streets; I have sought my God and have found Him where the waves of the ocean beat.   Unknown, At Mother's Knee
    My Mother's Bible

  50. Little drops of water. little grains of sand. Make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land.   Ebenezer Cobbaii Breweii, Little Things
    Pass It On

  51. Seek pleasure by the ocean, where laughing billows break in silvery spray; muse by the sea, her musical commotion.   Ellwood Haines Stokes, Where Shall We Go?
    Happiness Quotes

  52. As the old year sinks down in Time's ocean, stand ready to launch with the new, and waste no regrets, no emotion, as the masts and the spars pass from view.   Ella Wheeler Wilcox
    New Year

  53. The satisfaction you felt to-day upon doing that good turn for another was as a drop to the ocean of satisfaction you will find if you make every other day just like this.   Unknown, Ray Of Sunshine
    Spread Sunshine

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