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Let these stress quotes remind you to control the stress in your life. Some stress can be a good thing, but too much stress can have negative affects on your life.

"Stress: we all have some stress in our lives, some of us have more, some of us have less stress. But if stress is allowed to overtake our lives then serious implications can result."
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"Don't leave stress to grow and grow and continue to affect your total well-being; do something about it right now - That is the first step in stress relief."
Catherine Pulsifer, How Does Stress Affect Health
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"How many times have you created your own stress? Like many, we often spend far too much time either externalizing the problems we think we have rather than appreciating what we do have."
Byron Pulsifer
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"Stress is not only created by how we see a situation, but also how we react to it. We do, in fact, control our own stress."
Catherine Pulsifer, Your Work and Your Stress
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"You can look at challenges as opportunities to do your best, or you can allow challenges to create stress in your life."
Catherine Pulsifer, >Does It Really Matter!
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"One of the main areas that cause people stress is their jobs. If you love what you are doing this will result in less stress."
Catherine Pulsifer, Less Stress by Loving What You Do!
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"Sometimes in our lives, we just need a little less stress."
Catherine Pulsifer,
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"The most important secret when dealing with stress is taking action. Rather than fretting and worrying, take action to address the thing or issue that is causing you stress."
Catherine Pulsifer, Job Stress Secrets
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"Stress is how we respond to events based upon our perception."
Henry Marsh, The Breakthrough Factor
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"Is stress your Monday morning diet? For literally tens of thousands of individuals, Monday morning is filled with tasks seemingly accumulated throughout the weekend."
Byron Pulsifer
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"If you are going to give your speech at the start of the event, refrain any caffeine (coffee, tea, coke) as these will exaggerate all the stress responses."
Byron Pulsifer
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"Stress relievers don't have to be complicated or expensive. Develop the habit of finding a few simple techniques of your own to keep stress under control."
Byron Pulsifer, Stress Relievers
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"There are times when the success we try and achieve creates unnecessary stress for us."
Catherine Pulsifer, Success And Stress
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"Preparation is one of the most important elements to success. Preparation also has the internal benefit of reduced stress."
Byron Pulsifer, Preparation Equals Success
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"How you feel, how you react, how much stress you have in your life is in direct relation to how you think."
Catherine Pulsifer, The Quality of Your Thoughts
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"It is interesting to note that we experience stress even by the non-negative aspects in our life."
Robert Gallagher, Stress Management: An Easy to Understand Book Full of Tips and Tricks to Fight Against Everyday Stress
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"You first need to recognize what is causing the stress you are experiencing and see if there are actions that can be taken to reduce the stress."
Catherine Pulsifer, Time To Live Less Stressed
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"Many times, we cause ourselves stress due to the importance we give to an event or a situation. The event, or situation, may have some impact on our lives, but when faced with a situation where you are feeling stressed ask yourself: truly how important is it?"
Catherine Pulsifer, Stress Can We Control It
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"Recognizing and enjoying the positive things in life can help us deal with stress better."
Frank Long
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"Studies have revealed that those who are in occupations where they have some control over their work environment are less stressed."
Catherine Pulsifer, Least Stressful Jobs
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