Is Stress A Killer?

By Byron Pulsifer, © 2007

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Is stress your Monday morning diet? For literally tens of thousands of individuals, Monday morning is filled with tasks seemingly accumulated throughout the weekend.

You left work on Friday looking forward to a break from the stressors of the week. You planned to relax and enjoy your time away from work. So, why is stress seemingly compounded over the weekend and not the reverse?

Goes With Us Everywhere
For far too many of us, we don't leave our work behind. It goes everywhere with us. It goes shopping, in the garden, for a walk through the park, or as we sit on the porch on a balmy summer evening.

All of these active to do lists keep building in our systems to the extent that they increase our stress levels. These stressors, or to do tasks are what we carry forward to Monday morning so that we awake with stress levels greater than we started the weekend.

Over Time It Can Be Deadly
Everyone knows that stress over time can be deadly - it could eventually kill you. So, how do we reduce these stressors come Friday evening?

Some of us know that there is no easy way to forget what follows us from work. It's banal to think that you can just flip a mental switch and it's all turned off until you return to work.

A Simple Experiment
Instead of trying to forget about work related issues, try something like this simple experiment to shelve some of your stress.

Take a few pieces of paper with pen in hand, and write down everything that's on your mind relative to what you need to do for work. Make the list as long as you need. Don't forget anything.

Once you're finished with your to do list, turn it over, and place it in a drawer or your briefcase. Walk away picturing this list secure and locked away - release the to do list from your mind knowing that you can return to it Monday morning with nothing forgotten.

Now, schedule a relaxing event for your mind to dwell on - it could be reading that novel that you've wanted to read for some time, it could be that activity you've promised to do with your children, or it could be engrossing yourself in your favourite hobby be it gardening, ham radio, jogging, tennis, bowling, model building, stamp collecting, or whatever gives you pleasure.

Recharge Your Batteries
 The idea, of course, is to reduce the stress caused from unfinished work tasks - you know you're not going to do them because you are not at work. This is your time to recharge your nervous system by releasing these tasks to their secure and locked location.

The physical act of releasing these to do lists should free your mind from building levels of stress associated with unfinished tasks from work.

Don't let stressors build stress - you are in control - take charge and enjoy your recharge time.

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