Money Quotes

Be encouraged by this collection of money quotes. Let them be a reminder that money does not buy happiness, that money is only the means to an end

"Money is needed to live, but money does not make your life."

Life  |

"The veil of money has never been about how much money you have but about how much money has you."
A. W. Tozer
Thought Provoking  |

"The only real use for money is to help others become more comfortable in their seats. That's it. And if over time you are able to use your money to make enough people comfortable, then one day you'll find that you can be a little more comfortable in yours."
Russell Simmons, Super Rich
Helping Others   |

"Money isn't everything, and it would be great for people to realize this."
Michael Unks, Awesome In Hours
Thoughtful   |

"Even though you may think that you are making a bargain purchase, if you never even use it it's just a waste of money."
Nick Bell, Organize Yourself Starting Today!
Thrift  |

"Give money to people that have no money for the minimum standard of living."
Adriana Claudia Milcov, Save Your Money
Motivational  |

"Managing one's money is not as simple as one may think. It requires extensive patience, good organization skills, a great deal of discipline and a balance between trusting your gut feel and letting rational decision overpower your intuition."
Marshal Lightwill, Discipline Yourself: Self-Discipline Habits to Create Great Results
Patience   |

"Money is like muck, not good except it be spread."
Francis Bacon
Humor   |

"It is possible to have financial success with doing something you don't love in particular, but success is more than just making a ton of money.
Mark Snyder, Productive Makeover Success: Simple Guide to Getting More Done in Less Time
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