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A collection of listening quotes. Listening - a skill which is not taught. Sometimes we hear what we want to hear rather than what is being said.

"It's a mistake to think we listen only with our ears. It's much more important to listen with the mind, the eyes, the body, and the heart. Unless you truly want to understand the other person, you'll never be able to listen."
Mark Herndon
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"Listen to relaxing music - Music can have a powerful effect on your state. I'm sure there have been times when you heard a piece of music and suddenly you felt great."
Matt Clarkson
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"The goal of communication is not to impress but to communicate clearly."
Steve Brown, How To Talk so People Will Listen

"Good communicators are good listeners, often paraphrasing what the speaker said and checking in to ensure that they did not misinterpret the message."
Ross Elkins, Business: Golden Nugget Methods for High Effectiveness

"Distractions are detrimental to good listening skills."
Ace McCloud, Confident Communication Skills

"Learning is not just about reading books or listening to lectures. It is about finding ways to apply what you have just learned and how you can use that knowledge in order to improve your situation and help others around you."
Janet Fuller, The Bible: THE KEY BIBLE CHAPTERS

"If you drive, use public transport or walk a lot, try listening to audio books rather than the radio or an album."
Tom Miles, A Year For Change

"What better way to do both than to appreciate those we love by listening to learn, which benefits not only your relationships but also your long term well-being!"
Noelle C. Nelson, Happy Healthy…Dead

"Ambient music is soft-themed music recommended for easy listening."
Christ Lewis; Laura Lewis, Organize Your Mind in 24 Hours!

"One of the secrets of success is to have listening ears."
Carl Sommer, Teen Success in Career and Life Skills
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"Listening happens to be a key strength of good communicators."
Peter W. Murphy, Always Know What To Say
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"In fact, the biggest mistake job applicants make during an interview is they are so pumped for the opportunity that they fail to listen..."
Gene King, Plan B: Separate Yourself from the Herd

"If you stop and listen to the words those 'lucky' people say, you might notice a big difference between those people and the unfortunate people who just can't make things go their way."
Alex Uwajeh, The Power of Positive Affirmations
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"To the greatest extent possible, you should listen to what your intuition is telling you about people and situations and behave according to this more reliable guide."
David Tuffley, Being Happy

"There is also a study that says listening to classical music improves memory retention."
Philip Vang
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