20 Easy Poems

Let this collection of easy poems encourage and inspire you. You will find these poems straightforward and are easy to recite. But they all contain wisdom of life and some may bring a smile to your face.

We hope you enjoy this collection and you find inspiration from the Poet's words.

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  1. The Kingdom of Doubt
    John F Zurn, © 2019

    Doubt is a worry
    that winds up the mind

    Doubt knows the what if
    But can’t solve the why

    Doubt feels the pressure
    To stand and be heard

    Doubt is the person
    Who won’t say a word

    Doubt feels uncertain
    In moments of peace

    Doubt finds the problems
    In all that he seeks

    Doubt causes anguish
    If life turns to gloom

    Doubt needs to give up
    Before fear consumes

    Doubt fills the prophet
    Who speaks without truth

    Doubt heeds the warnings
    Of those without proof

    Doubt is the kingdom
    Of what might have been

    Doubt can’t be open
    When love comes again

  2. While Others

  3. Keep Stepping
    Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2008

    When the road seems long
    And you don't feel so strong
    Don't be overwhelmed,
    focus on the good
    and you will see that you could
    achieve your goal, finish the journey
    by taking one step after another

  4. Life Journey

  5. Little Things
    Poet: Julie Fletcher Carney

    Little deeds of kindness,
    little words of love,
    help to make earth happy
    like the heaven above.

  6. Poems About Happiness

  7. Some Days
    Poet: Alice Cary

    Some days must needs be full of gloom,
    Yet must we use them as we may;
    Talk less about the years to come.
    Give love, and labor more, today.

  8. Poems About Helping Others

  9. Stick It Out
    Poet: Unknown

    And many a failure turns about
    when he might have won had he stuck it out.
    Don't give up though the pace seems slow -
    you may succeed with another blow.

  10. Poems About Failure

  11. Five Things
    Poet: Unknown

    If your lips would keep from slips,
    Five things observe with care:
    Of whom you speak, to whom you speak,
    And how and when and where.

  12. Poems of Encouragement

  13. Your Age
    Poet: Edgar Guest

    For Age is not alone of time,
    or we should never see
    Men old and bent at forty
    and men young at seventy-three.

  14. Birthday Poems

  15. To You, From Me
    Poet: Jaymac, © 1994

    For you, this day,
    A rainbow 'cross the sky,
    A safe, clear way
    Without the asking: "Why?"
    Just simple beauty
    There for all to see,
    A gift of gentle love
    To you, from me!

  16. Short Love Poems

  17. The Superior Man

    The way of a superior man is threefold:
    Virtuous, he is free from anxieties;
    Wise, he is free from perplexities;
    Bold, he is free from fear.

  18. Poems About Winning

  19. The Task
    Margaret E. Bruner

    I found the task that I had dreaded so
    Was not so difficult when once begun;
    It was the dread itself that was the foe,
    And dread once conquered means a victory won.

  20. Make Hay While The Sun Shines

  21. Day by Day
    Poet: George Klingle

    God broke the years to hours and days,
    That hour by hour
    And day by day,
    Just going on a little way,
    We might be able all along
    To keep quite strong.

  22. Poems About Strength

  23. Genius I Met
    Poet: Jaymac, © 1988

    Genius I met the other day
    He looked at me and walked away
    What did he see, thought I with frown,
    Fellow genius or happy clown?
    I laughed, then, at my own self-folly
    (And safe beneath my humour's brolly)
    I walked with lightsome feet grown free
    By the happy clown I strive to be!

  24. Smile Poem

  25. Each Day
    Poet: Goethe

    Wouldst shape a noble life? Then cast
    No backward glances toward the past,
    And though somewhat be lost and gone,
    Yet do thou act as one new-born;
    What each day needs, that shalt thou ask,
    Each day will set its proper task.

  26. Poems About Life

  27. Courage Is
    Poet: Amelia Earhart

    Courage is the price
    that life extracts
    for granting peace.
    The soul that knows it not,
    knows no release
    from little things.

  28. Meaningful Poems

  29. How Sweet To Hear
    Poet: John McLeod, © 1989

    How sweet to hear in evening's hush
    A song-thrush caroling its joy,
    When sunset paints its carmine blush
    And day's dull straws no more employ
    The mind, and as one's rest draws near
    A few quiet moments linger yet
    To count rich memories so dear . . .
    The love of Life one can't forget!

  30. Positive Poems

  31. The Power Of Little Things
    Poet: Francis Ridley Havergal

    The memory of a kindly word for long gone by,
    The fragrance of a fading flower sent lovingly,
    The gleaming of a sudden smile or sudden tear.
    The warm pressure of the hand. the tone of cheer.

    The note that only bears a verse from God’s own Word: —
    Such tiny things we hardly count as ministry.
    The givers deeming they have shown scant sympathy;
    But when the heart is overwrought. oh, who can tell

    The power of such tiny things to make it well!

  32. Graduation Poems

  33. One Can Make A Poem . . .
    Poet: Jaymac, © 1990

    One can make a poem out of anything,
    Once when I was little (before I was big that is),
    (Well I really wasn't that little, - but what I
    mean is, before I really was as big as I am now)...
    Well anyway, before I was big
    I wrote a little poem about what it would be like
    To be big.
    As it turned out the little poem became a very big poem
    Just like this one!

  34. Famous Poems

  35. Cheer Up
    Poet: Sarah E. Sprague

    "Cheer up! Cheer up!" Robin sings;
    "Cheer up! Cheer up!" all day long;
    Shine or shower, all the same,
    "Cheer up! Cheer up!" is his song.

    Poems About Laughter

  36. Give It Away
    Poet: Oscar Hammerstein

    A bell is not a bell until you ring it.
    A song is not a song until you sing it.
    Love is your heart is not put there to stay.
    Love is not love until you give it way.

    Thank You Poems

  37. My Words
     Poet Unknown

    My words can cheer, my words can bless,
    And bring someone new happiness.
    I'm careful of the words I use,
    And none but good, true ones I choose.

    Words To Live By

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