Short Love Poems

A collection of short love poems to share with the one you love. Poetry is often a great expression of love. The verses contain feelings, emotions, and thoughts of the poet. Many times when we write poetry it is with affection and passion. Sentiments that we all can relate to. When it comes to love, Poets around the world have expressed this emotion in many different ways.

Soaring Love
by , © 2015

I dreamed of what love would be like,
But until the day I met you.
I really had no idea.
Love is beautiful and so very true.

You’ve changed my life so very much,
And have made me very happy.
Now watching movies with happy love endings,
I become so very sappy.

I also route for all my friends,
To find a love like mine.
I know they don't know what they are missing,
I just want them to feel more than fine.

I want them to soar as I soar with you,
And to climb the tallest tree.
I want them to feel what I feel for you,
As you make me feel so much glee.

Gentle The Love
by John McLeod, © 1989

Gentle the love that flows from caring hands,
Friendship is a flower that grows and understands
That gentle love will ever light the way
Towards enchantment's ever brightening day.
For Love is a song that lights the darkest place
And shines eternal,
Blessed with joy and grace!

Where Love Resides….
Poet: Jaymac, © 1989

Where Love resides
You'll find the sunlight clear
Golden and warm
To guild each passing year

Where Love resides
You'll find a rainbow too
Soft colours that enhance
And Hope renew

Where Love resides
There is no 'Time' as such
Gentle and true
Its own eternal touch

Love has such sunlight
Where no falsehood hides
Eternal colours true

Where Love resides!

Where Is That Love?
Poet: John McLeod, © 1989

Where is that love we all search for
The 'gold' at rainbow's end?
To walk in dreams that distant shore
Seeking a timeless Friend. . .
Beyond the measuring is where
All Dreams and Hopes reside,
Across the moments outwith Time
Joy's river deep and wide.

Where is that love we all search for
And see to understand,
When will we find that secret door
To Happiness's Land?
Sudden to find at journey's end
Within, so clear and true,
The Love we sough, the gentle Friend
Awaits for you!

A Broken Heart
Poet: K. Summers, © 2010

My heart was broke
When you said you were going away
I loved you so much
But you did not care
You felt you had to go
But little did I know
The best of life
was just to begin.

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