Friendship Poems

A collection of friendship poems to share. Friendship is a blessing and we hope you find reflections of this in the poetry we feature. With our friends we share excitement, trust, forgiveness and joy. We experience happy times and unhappy times. But the one things that is consistent in a true friend is not matter what the situation they are there for you. Over the years we have collected short poetry and many of our friends have given us great ones, and in some cases written poems for us.

The Tree of Friendship
by , © 2015

Friends are similar to a tree
Branching out
But throughout our life
There are those
Who stay and
Make a difference
In all our lives.

Their roots are forever
In our lives
They influence
And support us
No matter what
The situation.

They are a blessing
and a gift
sent from up above!

Tough Times
Julie Hebert, © 2015

When times get tough,
And you donít know what to do.
Remember your friends,
Who will stay true to you.

For friends aren't like family,
They are someone you choose.
They love you not because they have to,
But because they want to.

So look to your friends,
For their support.
They might not know everything,
But should be a comfort.

When times get tough,
And you don't know what to do.
Remember you're loved,
And that should help you!

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