The Wise Man and The Fool

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The Wise Man and The Fool
Poet: John McLeod

Said the wise man to the fool one day:
"I've got a hundred candles,
And lots of copper candlesticks with ornamental handles,
They cost me every cent I had
But I shall be all right,
And in the darkness of the eve I'll have a splendid light."

The fool said: "Yes, you may be wise,
But then again, p'raps not,
Only pence had I to buy, one candle's all I got,
But then, I bought some matches too
And you, the silly goose,
Bought none, and so without a light
Your candles are no use!"

The moral of the story
Is simplicity's defence

For even the buffooning clown
May have some common sense!

The wise man and the village fool,
But tell me which is which?

The one with only coppers?
Or the other very rich?

Quotes about Life

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