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Updated Nov 25/20 - Be encouraged by our collection of hundreds of short poems that are uplifting, inspiring, and encouraging. Plus find poetry to share for special occasions, and for special people. Brief but concise words to add a positive and uplifting message to your day. All of them provide inspiration, motivation, and encouragement in regard to everyday issues we all face from one time to another.

As L.V. Seachild said, "Poems tell a story - it's just that the words rhyme." Stories can inspire us and give us hope. They can teach us lessons we otherwise may not experience. And poems are a way of expressing and sharing thoughts and experiences. So let the words in these verses tell a story for you.

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Find short poems in a particular category to give you inspiration for your day. There are some great verses for sharing with others. You will find poetry from famous poets and from people who have shared their experiences in the form of a poem. Words of wisdom to reflect on!

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Poem Of The Day

Answered Prayers
Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I prayed for riches, and achieved success;
All that I touched turned into gold. Alas!
My cares were greater and my peace was less,
When that wish came to pass.

I prayed for glory, and I heard my name
Sung by sweet children and by hoary men.
But ah ! the hurts — the hurts that come with fame!
I was not happy then.

I prayed for Love, and had my heart's desire.
Through quivering heart and body, and through brain
There swept the flame of its devouring fire,
And but the scars remain.

I prayed for a contented mind. At length
Great light upon my darkened spirit burst.
Great peace fell on me also, and great strength —
Oh, had that prayer been first I

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Current Popular Poems

Just A Weaver
Poet: Benjamin Malacia Franklin

My life is but a weaving
Between my Lord and me;
I cannot choose the colors
He worketh steadily...
Be inspired by the full poem The Weaver Poem

Saying Goodbye
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer

Saying goodbye is never easy
Actually it makes me queasy
So let's just say see ya later
Keep in touch by email or notepaper...
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Do It Now
Poet Unknown

If you have hard work to do,
Do it now.
Today the skies are clear and blue,
Tomorrow clouds may come in view,
Yesterday is not for you;
Do it now....
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Train of Life
Poet: Jean d'Ormesson

At birth, we boarded the train of life and met our parents,
and we believed that they would always travel by our side.
However, at some station, our parents would step down from the train,
leaving us on life's journey alone...
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Be With Thee
Poet: John G. Whittier

God's love and peace be with thee, . . .
Where'er I look, where'er I stray,
Thy thought goes with me on my way
And hence the prayer I breathe to-day..
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Recent Additions

There's No Tomorrow
by Greta Zwaan

Oh, what might! What wondrous power, holding earth around me;
Sparkling stars and shining sun, glorious gifts surround me.
Snowcapped mountains, bubbling brooks, verdant tress, sweet flowers,
Time; the length we do not know, cause to praise for hours....

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Poet: Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I must do as you do? Your own way I own
Is a very good way. And still,
There are sometimes two straight roads to a town,
One over, one under the hill...

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Your Attitude
Poet: William Arthur Ward

Great persons rise above adversity and attain new heights of achievement by
Turning tribulations into triumphs,
Failures into fortunes,
Setbacks into successes,
Obstacles into opportunities...

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Poetic writings have been around for centuries and have been passed down from generation to generation. It is not just about the rhyme but it is the meaning each sentence has that conveys meaning.  At times, a few words can express more thoughts and influence and impact a person than a book full of writings.

Poetic writings can help anyone to express their feelings; are great to share, and, at times, can even change a person's thinking in a particular situation or circumstance. They can encourage and inspire by adding a positive thought to your day.

Our site has been online since 2003 with short, brief, and to the point, poetry to inspire, motivate, and encourage! Find a short verse to share with family, colleagues, and friends. Either a brief poem or just a verse can help to express positive messages of appreciation, love, joy, and encouragement. We hope you enjoy our collection!

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