Christmas Messages

"And I, grown old, almost forget The truths with which I am beset. Upon this blessed Christmas Eve I, too, in Santa Claus believe."
Edgar A. Guest

"Whatever Christmas is to you may it be filled with all you love."
Catherine Pulsifer, Christmas Time Is

"Tinsel, garland and presents, are some of my favourite things."
Julie Hebert, The Joys of Christmas

"This Christmas season may each of us truly open our hearts, and give up our seats of comfort and routine, to make room for the only One who truly deserves the place of honor in our hearts."
Rebecca Bryan, The Carols of Christmas

"Often, the things we treasure most about Christmas past aren't things at all."
Cherie Lowe, Keep the Happy in Your Holidays

"I've decided that no matter what happens, I will always believe that Santa's true! "
Catherine Pulsifer, Is There Really A Santa

"Instead of going to debt this year, why not give a gift from the heart?"
Cyndi Roberts

"Every year do you wish for a less stressful holiday season? This year, don't just dream about a simpler Christmas. Make it a reality by taking action."
Nancy Twigg

"I have a wish for you this season, a wish for happiness and joy."
Catherine Pulsifer, My Christmas Wish for You

Christmas Messages To Share:
I have a special Christmas message just for you: Be kind to others not just during the holiday spirit, but all year long.

Wishing you and your family the true message of Christmas, and may this holiday time be filled with love and laughter.

Many people do not realized that Christmas time is a message from God, to be thankful for all we have, and to be generous to those around us.

A message of peace and love during this Christmas time should spread wild throughout this world.

May the message of Christmas find you and your family during this magical day!

Believing in Santa is just another one of those magical Christmas messages of giving and loving thy neighbor.

If I could send one message to the world this Christmas it would be one of love and of peace to all mankind.

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