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We strive to present a large collection of short poems that are uplifting, inspiring and motivational.

It is our hope that they will encourage you, and help to foster a positive and beneficial attitude for your entire day.

These writings are short, sweet and to the point. Our intent is to continue to provide enlightening words to brighten your day, and also for those to whom you forward one of these inspiring, short poems!

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Short Quotes by Topic (Alphabetical Listing)

The quotes, sayings, thoughts and musings in the following quotations all serve to provide inspiration, motivation and unparalleled deep thinking in regards to everyday issues we all face from one time to another.

All of these quotes can give you that little boost you need to either start your day on a positive footing or give you that pick me up during a tough and stressful day no matter your job.

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Dream Quotes


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Inspirational Quotes

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Life Is Too Short Quotes

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Life Journey Quotes

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Mothers Day Messages

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Motivational Quotes


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Optimistic Quotes

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Patience Quotes

Pollution Quotes

Positive Quotes

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Quotes To Live By Quotes


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Short Quotes

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Short Poems and Quotes has been online since 2003 offering quotes and poems to encourage and inspire you. We offer short, brief, and to the point quotes and poems to inspire, motivate and encourage!

Quotations and poetry can help anyone to express their feelings; are great to share, and, at times, can even change a person's thinking in a particular situation or circumstance.

In this site, you will find verses in our poems or short quotes to share with family, colleagues and friends. Either a short poem, or a brief quote, can help to express messages of appreciation, love, joy, and encouragement.

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