Short Poems and Quotes

A large collection of short poems and quotes that are uplifting, inspiring and motivational. May they encourage you, and add a positive thought to your day.

Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words. Edgar Allan Poe

Short Poems

Baby Poems
As you read these poems, we hope it reminds you of how special babies truly are.

Best Friend Poems
Find that these poems express feelings of love and appreciation to someone who is one of a kind, a true life time pal.

Birthday Poems
The poetry here reflects thoughts on age, on birthdays, and on life.

Christian Poems
Be inspired by these verses that are inspirational, encouraging and uplifting.

Christmas Poems and Verses
Many of these are short but all of them send messages of the season.

Easy Poems to Memorize
You will find verses from poems that express a point of view or a positive or inspirational thought.

Encouraging Poems
Let these encouraging poems inspire and motivate you in times when you need encouragement

Fathers Day Poems
Share these poems in your greeting cards or message to your Dad.

Friendship Poems
Friendship is a blessing and we hope you find reflections of this in the poetry we feature.

Garden Poems
A collection of garden poems to remind us of the beauty of a garden.

Goodbye Poems
We say goodbye on different occasions, a break up, moving, death, retirements to name only a few.

Graduation Poems
A special day that deserves recognition; express your thoughts to the new graduate as they begin the next journey in their life.

Inspirational Poems
Inspiring poems full of positive thoughts.

Poems about Life
Many times as we journeyed through life, we reflected on the short verses in this poetry.

Short Love Poems
A collection to share with the one you love. Poetry is often a great expression of love.

Mothers Day Poems
Find short poems that reflect your feelings and appreciaiton for your Mom.

Motivational Poems
May these motivational poems encourage and inspire you.

Thank You Poems
Use these to thank people in your life. Short verses that can be adapted to fit the appropriate occasion.

Special Occasion Quotes

Christmas Messages
Earth Day
New Year
Wedding Anniversary

Short Quotes







Helping Others

Irish Blessings


Quotes To Live By









It is a pleasure to be able to quote lines to fit any occasion. Abraham Lincoln

Short Quotes To Inspire and Encourage:

"Rather than saying 'if' this happens try thinking 'when' this happens." Catherine Pulsifer

"A short vacation is better than no vacation." Catherine Pulsifer

"The graduation ceremony may be short but it is one that will remain with you for life." Catherine Pulsifer

"Short people, tall people, people of all races make this world a diverse place." Catherine Pulsifer

"Expressions of appreciation can be short and to the point; what is important is that you express them." Catherine Pulsifer

"A short quotation is one that sometimes has more meaning than a long one." Catherine Pulsifer

"Thank you are two short words that can have a long impact." Catherine Pulsifer

"We are here on earth for only a short time. Heaven is for an eternity." Catherine Pulsifer

"As you grow older you realize how very short life is and how quickly the years go by." Catherine Pulsifer

"When life is cut short, it is usually a wake up call for those left behind." Catherine Pulsifer

"Don't spend your days in doom and gloom, our years are too short and time is too precious to waste it." Catherine Pulsifer

"Proverbs are short but always full of wisdom." Catherine Pulsifer

"It was a Daily Mentor book that gave me a lesson each day and a short assignment to accomplish that day. By the end of the thirty days, I felt like a completely different person." Matthew West, Find Your Perfect Morning Routine

"We often fall short of time because we tend to spend more time on redundant activities which will leave us with very less time for important activities." Brian Adams, Time Management

"Life is too short and precious to waste it doing things that don't please you." D.D. Tai, Mind: How To Pleasure Your Mind Everyday

"When one or more people are stressed on the long term (or short term) there are many medical issues that can arise as a result of them." Lesley Harriot, How To Have Successful Relationships

"Allow yourself to learn from others without feeling as if you are coming up short because you didn't know the answer yourself." Riley Stevens, 50 Ways to Change Your Life in 50 Minutes

"If you fall short on a daily goal, make sure not to beat yourself up too much over it." Bryan Cohen, How to Work for Yourself

"You can give the people who contributed to the betterment of your life a simple 'Thank You' even through a text message or a short call." Rocco Cozza, Success Habits For The Morning

"Those who believe in abundance of time just like any other resource, are able to do so much in a short period of time." Zeeshan Raza, U Turn Your Life

"You've got to develop the short term action plan - the budget - that will allow you to achieve those goals and realize your vision." Devin D. Thorpe, 925 Ideas to Help You Save Money, Get Out of Debt and Retire A Millionaire So You Can Leave Your Mark on the World

"Find what you love - and do it! Life is too short to waste it doing something you don't enjoy." Diann B. Murr, Wake Up Successful

"Do not linger short term goals to make them long term." Edward Kelly, Getting Things Done the David Allen Way

"Goals without deadlines do not create a sense of urgency. Even more so, create a series of short deadlines aligning with short steps to accomplish your greater goal." Felix Oberman, The Ultimate Guide to Declutter Your Life and Organize your Mind

"Don't be too hard on yourself, but learn from your mistakes and decide to be better NOW." V. Noot, Don't Give Up

"Whatever path you set out for yourself, always believe in yourself." Joanna Jackson, Self Help

"Only you can decide the moment of change." Maya Green, Resolution Evolution for Moms

"People smile for all sorts of reasons, only one of which is to signal happiness." Michael Nir, Influence

"We work quietly, and are often only truly appreciated after we leave our jobs." Michele Gilbert,The Introvert

"Randomly distributed short bursts of practice might even be better than one long session." Jonathan Harnum, Practice Like This

"Swallow your fears, realise that life is short." Rebecca Jane, Mindfulness My Way

"The power of the mind is paramount to understanding and acquiring happiness." Roberts Rivers, Happiness Is Possible

". . .life is too short to be in a manipulative relationship, even with close family." Sarah Goldberg, Manipulative People

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Short Poems and Quotes has been online since 2003 offering quotes and poems to encourage and inspire you. We offer short, brief, and to the point quotes and poems to inspire, motivate and encourage! Quotations can help us express our feelings, are great to share, and at times, can even change our thinking on a particular situation. And, find verses in our poem to share with others that express messages of appreciation, love, and encouragement.

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