23 Slow Down Quotes

Slow down quotes demonstrate the vital need to take life just a little bit easier. To slow down does not mean to languish in poor productivity or to adopt an attitude of completing tasks in a tortuous slow-motion methodology. Instead, to slow down simply means that there is much more to life than the constant frenzy of doing something with every minute of the day.

To enjoy life, to appreciate the beauty of what lies in front of you or all around you requires you to stop for a moment to absorb all aspects of life. This may mean that instead of spending hours in front of a television, you instead take a leisurely stroll through a park, a forest path, or beside a babbling brook. Maybe it means spending more quality time with your children rather than being a constant "go to" taxi cab to drive them to a host of activities outside of your family environment. You decide - after all, it is a choice you can control.

  1. Slow down. Kick Back. Relax.
    Nova Scotia Tourism
    Relax Quotes

  2. It’s kind of surprising ... to engage in self-reflection, move beyond my superficial thoughts, and connect to the sacred. I guess you could say that it helped me slow down and wake up to what’s most important.
    Nicolas Cole, Slow Down, Wake Up

  3. Leadership is not ‘diving catches and acts of heroism.’ Instead, it’s about something very different ... to give you the tools, strategies ... to develop a new style of leadership so that you can become the kind of person who can lead in a world that refuses to slow down.
    Jeb Brooks
    Leadership Qualities

  4. The self-evolved leader has the ability to create the illusion of slowing things down at a micro level while everything around them continues to speed by.
    Dave McKeown, The Self-Evolved Leader

  5. From moving to the country to urban living, tiny homes to ethical consumption ... there is no one way of describing the external indicators of slow living, because there is no one way to live a slower, simpler life.
    Brooke McAlary, Slow
    Living A Simple Life

  6. Every day is a gift; to appreciate but only if you slow down long enough to enjoy what it offers.
    Sam Fickinsen

  7. Slow down and let life be, or go for it and choose to keep going to make a difference in other people's lives.
    Byron R. Pulsifer
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  8. Speed associated with modern life is not the issue; it is that we have forgotten how to slow down, forsaking balance.
    Theodore W. Higgingsworth

  9. Take a deep breath. Put your cell phone away. Let your heart slow down. Let God take care of the world.
    John Ortberg
    God Is In Control

  10. So, in our efforts to do something great ... we actually end up undermining ourselves. So what we need to do is slow down, take some deep breaths and approach the work a little differently. It will make improvising more enjoyable, and us more effective as players.
    Ryan Millar, Take it Easy

  11. We need a slow thinking movement. We have a crisis of thought. Empathy needs to resurface.
    Dan Pontefract, Open to Think: Slow Down

  12. Adjust your focus from near-term actions to the longer-term, strategic view. Be more proactive than reactive. Slow down to learn from past successes and failures.
    Liz Bywater, Slow Down to Speed Up

  13. So, slow down a mite, smell the roses He grows, remember that God’s in control,
    Let time take its course, walk close with your Lord, His love will nurture your soul.
    Greta Zwaan, Time
    Spiritual Awakening

  14. We all want to slow time and make the most of every tick of the second hand ... Deep breath. Don’t miss this moment. Slow down.
    Nichole Nordeman, Slow Down
    Live In The Moment

  15. ... I discovered interesting patterns of thought in mindfulness practice or in interactions with people.... the value of slowing down in our busy modern lives, as well as the art of maintaining good relationships and cultivating self-compassion.
    Haemin Sunim, The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down
    Live For Today

  16. There is something very special about the first few hours of the morning. Time seems to slow down and a deep sense of peace fills the air.
    Robin Sharma, Who Will Cry When You Die?
    Good Morning Poems

  17. What am I trying to prove? What would happen, what would be lost, if I stopped, or if I slowed down to a pace that felt less like a high-speed chase all day, every day?
    Shauna Niequist, Present Over Perfect
    Poems of Encouragement

  18. ... rushing for the bus is no time to consider that we might actually get there just as well by slowing down – not just slowing down our physical movements, but especially a mind that is racing in overdrive trying to get things done.
    Eknath Easwaran, Take Your Time
    Positive Thoughts

  19. The roadway to achieving a goal is often filled with potholes. But, obstacles do not give you a licence to slow down. Potholes, instead, give you an opportunity to test your level of commitment and perseverance.
    Robert R. Rivers

  20. I learned how to slow down. I planted a small garden with five roses. I now have about 70 roses and I literally have time to smell the roses.
    Rosalinda Morgan, Stop and Smell the Roses

  21. Time spent caring for your emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual health is never wasted. It is a necessary and God-honoring practice—one we would do well to stop and consider.
    Lysa Terkeurst
    Take Care of Yourself

  22. Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.
    John De Paola
    Birthday Stress

  23. We humans have short memories. In our haste, we forget that we have been created as rhythmic beings, reflecting our deep connection to the entire creation.
    Curt Thompson, MD
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