Valentines Poems

Find a collection of Valentines poems written by . Share this poetry with the one that you love! While we should express our love for others every day, on Valentines Day you want to make a point of expressing.

Short Love Poems
You And Only You
by Julie Hebert, (c) 2012

Today is a very special day,
Not just for you but also for me.
Today I get to tell you,
How much I love thee.

I'll show you with gifts and flowers,
Maybe an evening out too.
I've never loved someone so special,
As how much I feel I love you.

You're kind, loving and wonderful,
These things that not everyone is.
But thats why I'll love you forever,
You'll always keep me in a quiz.

So today I want to say something,
To you and never another.
Happy Valentine's Day my darling,
Their will never be any other.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kiss Me Goodnight
"Always Kiss Me Goodnight."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Valentines Surprise
by Julie Hebert, (c) 2012

I have a treat for you,
But it's only for your eyes.
Well it's not so much a treat,
But a big exciting surprise.

Why a surprise for you?
Well it's valentine's day of course.
And today I'll treat you good,
As my love I want to enforce.

You may want it now,
but tonight you'll have to wait.
Your dinner I will serve,
Along with something you'll find great.

Now I know I'm teasing you,
As this poem gives no hint.
Just be patient, it will come,
Tonight you'll get more than just a mint!

Announcing My Love
by Julie Hebert, (c) 2012

I want to proclaim my love,
On this cliche of Valentine's Day.
This isn't really how I planned it,
It just ended up this way.

I wanted to do it different,
At a time when love wasn't sold.
But I guess you can't just plan it,
Love just comes and must be told.

So regardless of this day,
I am happy to announce.
That I have fallen victim,
And of this I must pronounce.

I am so in love with you,
You'll be my morning dove.
I must say one more thing,
Happy Valentines Day, My Love.

Valentines Roses
by Julie Hebert, (c) 2012

Roses are red, violets are blue,
I can't believe, how much I love you.

Our time together, has been so sweet.
Especially when we, get together to meet.

Speaking is great, but cuddling much more.
I love to tell you, how much I adore.

So here we are, on this Valentine's Day,
With lots of love, being sent your way.

Valentines Love
by Julie Hebert, (c) 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to you,
Happy Valentine's Day to me.
It's time to go out and celebrate,
We'll dance and drink with glee.

Then when we finish celebrating,
We will come back home.
We will share our love for each other,
Our love will never be unsaid.
Love Conquers All

"I love you
for the part of me
that you bring out."
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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