Fess Up about Your Age

Here find two short poems about aging. Great poetry to use in a birthday card. Hopefully the verses will bring a smile to the birthday person.

What Is Your Age?
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, © 2012

When you're old and grey,
And life seems to be getting away,
Hold on to your life preserver,
And grab on to that sleigh.

It's time to make a change,
A change that will reflect,
The way you feel inside,
Which seems has been neglect.

We all know how we feel,
And the age we feel inside,
Is not the age we're given,
By the rules that lead our lives.

So never act your age,
Act the age you feel inside.
Live your life as you see fit,
Then you can stand with pride.

Time To Fess Up
Poet: Catherine Pulsifer, ©2012

Today is your birthday,
And there is something I must say,
It's time to confess your age,
As we all can see, you've gone grey.

You can no long continue to say,
Your in your twenties, they have definitely peaked.
It's time to fess up to the truth,
You're Forty, let's hear the shriek!!

Forty isn't so bad,
Well that's what I have heard.
I'd like to say I understand,
But unlike you, I'm still a young bird.

One day it will be my turn,
And I'm sure you’ll be right there!
But I'll always have one thing on you,
I'm younger and that I swear!

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