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  1. There is no defeat except for those who give up. Joseph B. Wirthlin
    Inspirational Poems

  2. An Oak tree is a daily reminder that great things often have small beginnings.   Matshona Dhliwayo
    The Oak Tree Poem

  3. Oprah Winfrey ... is arguably the world's most powerful woman that inspired the world to believe that you can become anything you want, if you only believe in yourself. Gifford Thomas, The Inspirational Leader
    Believe Quotes   -    I Believe Poems

  4. Life goes through a series of changing. Jane John-Nwankwo, How to Become a Better Wife
    Positive Quotes About Change

  5. A better life rarely just happens. We have to choose change, choose a better life. Maya Green
    Poems About Change

  6. Not knowing how things will turn out is what keeps life intriguing and fuels hope. Janet Springer, Unbreakable Willpower
    Life Mottos

  7. True peace comes from living a life in alignment with one's inspired vision. This peace comes from orienting our hearts in such a way that external factors (people, norms, events) no longer dictate the direction of our internal path. Benjamin P. Hardy, Slipstream Time Hacking
    Desiderata Poem

  8. Allow positive thoughts to shape your life.
  9. Allow positive thoughts to shape your life. Christopher Michaels
    Life Choices   -    Choices Quotes

  10. Your friendship we have prized indeed, in hours of joy and times of need   Caleb Davis Bradlee, Prized Friendship
    Quotes For A Friend

  11. It's better sometime to be blind to the faults of some poor fellow being than to view them with visions unkind. Unknown, It's Better
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  12. I want to be able as days go by, always to look myself straight in the eye; I don't want to stand with the setting sun and hate myself for the things I've done.
    Edgar A. Guest

  13. The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.   William James
    Legacy Poems   -    Legacy Quotes

  14. Butterflies bend with the wind, it's true. Still they get where they want to go. They arrive by persistence through their own insistence...  Author Unknown, Legend of the Butterfly
    Butterfly Poem

  15. Be the moon and inspire people, even when you're far from full.   K. Tolnoe
    Moon Quotes   -    Poems About The Moon

  16. When certain steps don't work out don't sit and pout
    Remember how far you have come from the first baby step to what now you've become. Catherine Pulsifer, Baby Steps
    Self Doubt Quotes

  17.  Knowledge is power for the individual who holds it.
  18. Knowledge is power for the individual who holds it. Dave Coplin, Business Reimagined
    Knowledge Quotes

  19. Improvement is not in the eyes of the beholder - its' fruits become evident in behaviors and actions. And you will motivate others when they see your results. Byron R. Pulsifer
    Improvement Quotes

  20. ...the two kinds of people on earth that I mean are the people who lift, and the people who lean Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Two Kinds Of People
    Poems For Teenagers   -    Youth Quotes

  21. For the love of God is broader than the measure of mankind F. W. Faber, Love Of God
    God's Love

  22. If we shift our time-management and life-management paradigms from balance to rhythm, we can bring our lives into harmony with the rhythms of the natural world—and resolve the necessary guilt we feel over trying, but failing, to keep everything in balance. Bruce B. Miller
    Balance Quotes

  23. For dogs are very special friends...they bring a joy, a healing power that shines out far and wide.....the ever patient, faithful friends to keep watch by your side! John McLeod, The Ever Patient Faithful Friend
    Faithful Friends

  24. To embark on a new direction is risky and dangerous. You never know whether you can make it. Edward Dunedin
    Risk Quotes   -    Dare To Be

  25. Be an inspiration to others. Design your life on how you want to be remembered. Robert Rivers, Happiness Is Possible
    Short Quotes

  26. Those who truly lead are able to create a following of people who act not because they were swayed, but because they were inspired. Simon Sinek, Start with Why
    Leadership Quotes

  27.  Stop blaming the external world, and focus on yourself. What can you do to make things better?
  28. Stop blaming the external world, and focus on yourself. What can you do to make things better?   AJ Winters, The Motivation Switch
    Blame Quotes

  29. A gift of benevolence secures gratitude and leaves our hearts o.k..   J. J. Thorne
    Love And Kindness

  30. If your faith is tested and you can’t run as you used to do, walk.
    If you can’t walk, limp along. If you can’t limp, crawl and if you can’t crawl, roll....
    You can choose to look beautiful or battered in suffering – choose the former.  Eastwood Anaba
    Faith Over Fear

  31. Inspirational leadership addresses people's inner motivators, values, and emotions. It is a key ingredient in building great organizations, and it is the most effective leadership approach when organizations need to massively change and improve. Claudio Feser, When Execution Isn't Enough: Decoding Inspirational Leadership
    Leadership Quotes

  32. Instead of feeling discouraged, people should feel inspired and challenged after being with you.  Lindsay J. Hallie, Happiness: Discover Happiness at Every Age... At Every Stage of Life
    Discouragement Quotes

  33. You can't convince anyone to do anything unless you believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing, or what you are saying, or what you are selling. Theodore W. Higgingsworth
    Motivational Sales Quotes

  34. Hide not the thoughts that God puts in your heart, and ever be glad thy strength to impart.
    Caleb Davis Bradlee

  35. Any children granted us, we’ve come to understand more fully, are gifts of God, no matter how they are given. Ray Guarendi, Adoption
    Adoption Quotes

  36. If you're not stubborn, you'll give up on experiments too soon. And if you're not flexible, you'll pound your head against the wall and you won't see a different solution to a problem you're trying to solve.  Jeff Bezos
    Problem Solving Quotes

  37. To be brave, you overcome fear and listen to the small voice inside you to do what’s right, regardless of what others say. To be brave doesn’t mean you’ll never be afraid, but it does mean facing your fears. Michael Stutman
    Deep Quotes About Life

  38. Faith is like a bird that feels dawn breaking and sings while it is still dark.
  39. Faith is like a bird that feels dawn breaking and sings while it is still dark.  Scandinavian Proverb

  40. We have many mentors in our life, like my Grandma, she taught, inspired, and encouraged me more than I could have ever learn in a book. Become a mentor to someone!  Kate Summers
    Mentor Quotes

  41. Teams aren’t about sameness ... Instead they’re about unlocking what is unique about each of us, in the service of something shared. A team, at its finest, insists on the unique contribution of each of its members ... Marcus Buckingham, Nine Lies About Work
    Teamwork Quotes

  42. There are people in our lives who inspire and encourage us. You, Mom, are at the top of the list. Kate Summers
    Birthday Quotes

  43. It's a good old world we're livin' in with all its pain an' sorrow; a world where friends are givin' in to cheer us till tomorrow.   Edgar A. Guest, A Good World
    Inspirational Friendship Poems

  44. Life will have its ups and downs, along with smiles and frowns. But as you journey on the road ahead follow your heart, be not led. Catherine Pulsifer Only The Beginning
    A New Chapter In Life

  45. Self-confidence has the ability to inspire, while arrogance is an incredible turn-off.
  46. Self-confidence has the ability to inspire, while arrogance is an incredible turn-off. Charles Lamont, Power of Self Confidence
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  47. The eager, willing hand must be inspired to do its ordered part by thoughtful mind where sturdy faith has planned Frank W. Lynn, Service
    Giving Poems

  48. O germ! O fount! O word of love! O thought at random cast! Ye were but little at the first, but mighty at the last.   Charles MacKay, Small Beginnings
    Little Things Poems

  49. A lot of people aren't inspired by other people's success. Instead, they are overwhelmed and threatened by it. Jealousy and negativity kick in, and Hate rears its ugly head. Dan Norris, Create Or Hate
    Overwhelmed Quotes

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