20 Improvement Quotes, Short Poems and Quotes

20 Improvement Quotes

Improvement quotes demonstrate the various elements within the broad definition of improvement. This may mean, for example, that one is engaged in personal growth, is advancing in their chosen career, is in the process of gaining a new skill or has enhanced their current level of abilities.

Part of the improvement cycle is self-discipline; alongside with this attribute is perseverance and an understanding that not every step leads to the final accomplishment. It can be argued that improvement is not an end in itself but is in fact a process that is on-going.

We hope these improvement quotes encourage and inspire you to continue your development in all areas of your life.

  1. ... every single day because— like you— I’m a work in progress. Romi Neustadt, You Can Have It All
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  2. ... at the personal level is gratitude ... has been discovered to be beneficial to our mental health, also improving the quality of interpersonal interactions as well.
    David Ford, Master Your Emotions
    Gratitude, Grateful and Thankful

  3. When one is self-aware, this can lead to an improved self-image and a considerable boost in self-esteem. Dane Krauss, The Meditation Guidebook for Beginners
    Poems of Encouragement

  4. When we can learn to calm our minds and separate ourselves from our problems, we are on the road to significant improvement. Matt Clarkson
    Learning Quotes

  5. ... the important thing is for you as a leader to know how to relate with the people you are leading in a better way and to keep improving. Daniel Brain, Emotional Intelligence for Leadership
    Leadership Qualities

  6. Why not make suggestions for improvements and you may find that people respect you for it and appreciate your input. Joanna Jackson, Self Help
    Appreciation Quotes

  7. Physical activity is an excellent stress-buster and provides other health benefits as well. It also can improve your mood and self image. Jon Wickham, Taking Care of Yourself - What You Should Know
    Fitness Quotes

  8. ... there are numerous reliable ways to improve self-discipline. This is why increasing self-discipline is perhaps the best way to become more human. John Ryan, Self Discipline for Success
    Life is The Way It Is

  9. Improvement is not in the eyes of the beholder - its' fruits become evident in behaviors and actions. Byron R. Pulsifer
    Action quotes

  10. ... you can never rest on what you have achieved in the past. You always have to improve. Jocko Willink, Leadership Strategy and Tactics
    Quotes To Live By

  11. Successful principals have the desire to improve their schools and the learning opportunities for students. Dr. Debra A. Tracy, School Improvement
    Opportunity Quotes

  12. Beyond friendships adding to the list of improving life success and happiness, experts also assert that supportive relationships improve our odds of survival by fifty percent. Shasta Nelson, Friendships Don't Just Happen!
    Poems About Happiness

  13. Do not ask someone else to improve unless you have at first ensured that your own set of skills does not require improvement. Robert Rivers
    Positive Thoughts

  14. In many cases starting a construction project without an adequate plan leads to poor results and the majority would be greatly improved if better planning was involved. Darryl King, The Complete Website Planning Guide
    Planning Quotes

  15. Serendipity brought me under the wing of generous improvement scholars patient enough to teach me. Gerald J. Langley, The Improvement Guide
    Patience Quotes

  16. None of us is perfect at self-care, and we can all improve. Tracey Cleantis, An Invitation to Self-Care
    Inspirational quotes

  17. I urge you to remain steadfast in your commitment to improving your life. Mark Goulston, Get Out of Your Own Way
    Lifestyle Quotes

  18. In some way, empathy improves our social life. Most people who experience empathy are more likely to engage in pro-social behaviors Diana Edwin, Empath
    Experience Quotes

  19. Look at my success. I didn’t achieve it overnight. It has been the product of many years’ struggle, and every year, my times have shown gradual improvement. Mo Farah
    Success Quotes

  20. The child ... gains experiences and matures from a base of unconditional love and security. HeatherAsh Amara, The Warrior Heart Practice
    The Childs Appeal

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