29 Planning Quotes, Short Poems and Quotes

29 Planning Quotes

Planning quotes easily tell us that almost all facets of life require some sort of design or strategy. Planning may be specifically designed in business through the use of a strategic plan, a student may set written goals of what they want to achieve by the end of their educational years, mothers plan steps to nourish, guide and teach their children, or governments design programs to help all citizens realize their aspirations. It is our hope that the following quotes on planning will serve to give you fuel for your own planning strategies and encourage you to plan.

    without planning and follow-through...
  1. Without planning and follow-through, it’s like a roof without a foundation.
    Joyce Barnes-Wolff
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  2. f you are planning for a year, sow rice:
    If you are planning for a decade, plant trees;
    If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.
    Chinese Wisdom
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  3. when life is getting you down...take your ...
  4. When life is getting you down...take your life in your hands, and make a new set of plans.
    Julie Hebert, Life Getting You Down
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  5. ... program planning is a continuous journey consisting of twists and turns, wide expansive views, and an ever-changing landscape ...
    Rosemary S. Caffarella, Planning Programs for Adult Learners
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  6. Goal planning removes the stress associated with flying by the seat of your pants not knowing exactly where you are going and what you have to do to get there.
    Byron Pulsifer, Preparation Equals Success
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  7. plans don't change live...
  8. Plans don't change lives, actions do.
    Matt Morris
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  9. Teaching well requires expert practice in the use of ... strategies to activate and enliven the passion and purpose; to operationalize the dedication; and to make the learning happen, now and into the future.
    Jeffrey D. Wilhelm; Rachel E. Bear; Adam Fachler, Planning Powerful Instruction
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  10. No matter where you are going plan your route. Route planning not only saves time, it saves gas.
    Byron Pulsifer
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  11. Having the means to retire is important. But what we also must plan for — but often don't — is meaning.
    Mitch Anthony, The New Retirementality
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  12. If we take the time to research certain aspects of the country we are planning to travel to it this can help us to get the most out of our trip.
    Smart Travelling Guides
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  13. Time planning methodologies are frequently connected with the proposal to set individual objectives. Objective setting is additionally fundamental to oversee time effectively.
    Scott Darley, Time Planning Tools and Techniques
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  14. To win you set your goals, you take action, you set deadlines To lose you think about it but never set concrete plans.
    Catherine Pulsifer, To Win or To Lose in Life
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  15. Both crisis prevention and crisis preparation serve as defenses against negligent failure to plan.
    Timothy Coombs, Ongoing Crisis Communication
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  16. ... planning is important to project success, and ... meetings are needed for that planning to take place. After all, few projects have only one team member.
    Rich Maltzman; Jim Stewart, How to Facilitate Productive Project Planning Meetings
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  17. Criticism has no place in God’s plan for living
    Greta Zwaavn, Reasons to Sing
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  18. End-to-end agility is achieved by maintaining a continuous flow of work from strategy formulation all the way to product deployment, with minimal delays between each of the processing levels ...
    Liam Kane, SAFe PI Planning
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  19. You can look ahead to choices inconceivable to your parents and grandparents - opportunities they could barely dream of. The one-size-fits-all formulas that served as retirement planning in their day are inadequate in ours.
    Marika Stone, Too Young to Retire
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  20. Don’t sweat the big business plan. Skip the descriptions and explanations. Just do a lean plan... It’s fast, easy, and practical.
    Tim Berry, Lean Business Planning
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  21. Make plans at night and the dawn is the best time to start implementing these plans!
    Mehmet Murat ildan
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  22. Without a plan, there is no way to schedule the required work, no way to track progress, and no way to decide on corrective action when unexpected events occur.
    Thomas E. Glavinich, Construction Planning and Scheduling
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  23. No matter who we are; no matter where we are in the path of life, God is always unfolding His master plan.
    Catherine Pulsifer
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  24. Organizational leaders must try to plan for future talent needs at all levels ... to ensure that the right people are available for the right jobs in the right places and at the right times to get the right results.
    William Rothwell, Effective Succession Planning
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  25. For ... nonprofits, strategic planning is a good way to align their mission, programs, resources, and relationships.
    Bryan W. Barry, Strategic Planning Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations
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  26. Learning objectives are vitally important to set and share as soon as is reasonably possible, so that the learners know the aim and purpose of the lesson and what is expected of them.
    Nicola Owen, Planning Outstanding Lessons
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  27. A detailed study plan is significant in setting aside some time to study. Important dates for homework, for example, assessments, task and undertaking due dates are a piece of the study plan.
    Scott Darley, Time Planning Tools and Techniques
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  28. In many cases starting a construction project without an adequate plan leads to poor results and the majority would be greatly improved if better planning was involved.
    Darryl King, The Complete Website Planning Guide
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  29. The effectiveness of health promotion programs can vary greatly. However, the success of a program can usually be linked to the planning that takes place before implementation of the program.
    James F. McKenzie, Planning, Implementing & Evaluating Health Promotion Programs
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  30. Yes, strategic planning is a must for every entity, from the corner sandwich shop to Wall Street megabanks ... but I’m here to tell you it is not rocket science—or science of any kind.
    David R. McClean, Strategic Planning
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  31. To be able to think on your feet and be ready to change from your plan is key, since something—sometimes a tiny thing, sometimes a big thing—will go differently from even the most carefully constructed plan.
    Cheryl Kimball, Start Your Own Event Planning Business
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