Spread The Joy

Spread The Joy
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

I wished upon a star tonight,
The one above my tree.
It brought me so much joy you see,
It brought it all to me.

So much joy flows through my veins,
Its almost spilling out.
Its time to share this joy with others,
This I have no doubt.

If joy is given out to me,
Through a wishing star.
It must be meant for more than me,
Can't be bottled in a jar.

Share it wide and share it tall,
Let everyone feel it.
Let's spread it like a wildfire,
Bringing life and love with it.
Thankful For Unpleasant Things Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

Snow is unpleasant,
When April does hit,
Enough is enough,
The snow has to quit.

But in the fall when,
That first snow has fallen.
There is no part of me,
That wishes for pollen.

The beauty that surrounds,
By all the fresh snow.
Trees lightly covered,
They offer a glow.

Looking for good,
In a pile of bad.
You'll find the part,
That makes you feel glad.

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