Mother to Grandma

Read this short poem written from the heart by a daughter to her mother. The daughter is expecting her first child and she is expressing her thoughts to her mother. The verses express thoughts of appreciation and love and hopes for tomorrow. A wonderful piece of poetry to share with your Mother if you are expecting.

Short Poems About Mother

Mother to Grandma
Poet: , (c) 2011

To everyone else your just a person,
But to me you're someone great.
I hope to be like you some day,
especially on my due date.

I couldn't have had a better teacher,
Someone who molded me into the woman I am.
But now I must take those teachings,
And hope they will make me a grand slam.

Not long from now I will be a mother,
And I have to say nervousness is me.
But I trust you’ve taught me all that I need,
To be as good of mother as thee.

So thanks for teaching me kindness,
You were loving, genuine and fun.
I know you'll be a great grandma,
As you’re work here is not yet done!

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