What makes you happy? Who do you praise for the happiness that you possess? Read these poems that shed some light on these questions, and also take a few moments to read the encouraging and inspirational quotations found at the end of the poetry.

Happiness of the Heart

Julie Hebert, 2015

What is it that makes,
Happiness in your heart?
Is it your job or your friends,
Or maybe a fresh start.

What is it that allows,
You to find your way?
Maybe school or a trip,
Or a change of your day.

What is it that keeps,
Your faith in full light?
Is it church or a song,
Or a sense of great sight?

Too often it happens,
Truth becomes a haze,
When in reality,
It's God we should praise.

Poet: Greta Zwaan, 2010

Are you aware of the words that you use
In the songs of praise that you sing?
Do they convey your soul's inner joy,
A thanksgiving offering you bring?

Do they reveal the depths of your faith,
Do you sing the words from your heart?
Or do you just follow along with the crowd,
Ritualistically doing your part?

"I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go, Dear Lord;"
Can you commit to that thought?
Or "All To Jesus I Surrender"
And think of the battles He fought?

Be faithful in worship, be wary of words,
Don't promise what you can't fulfill.
Sing of your love and praise to the Lord,
But sometimes it's best to keep still.

Just Like Mom
Greta Zwaan, 2009

Come into my Father's house, have no hesitation,
Don't be fearful of His wrath, or His holy station.
Yes, He's great, a sovereign God, the Holy one of power,
The very breath that we inhale comes from His grace each hour.

But don't despair of all this might, His love is how He calls us,
A gentle nudge, a holy plea, concern for what befalls us.
Like running home from school one day to loving arms who'll hold us,
We need not knock, we dash right in, and mother will not scold us.

And God, like Mom, with great delight, waits patiently to see us,
He's always there, in joy or pain, His love alone can free us.
But we know that with all their love, our moms have limitations,
But God's great power holds all the earth and covers all the nations.

God had no limit on His time, He has no business hours,
The moment that you call His name He shows His mighty powers.
If we'd respond as quick as God and come when He first calls us,
The still, small voice that melts the heart, the joy that then enthralls us.

We'd stand in awe that this great God would stoop to serve creation,
And humbly give His life for all with glorious, free salvation.
Yes, God is great, but not that big to put on airs and scorn us,
He fashioned us out of the dust and all our lives has borne us.

Of our will we drift away, we fail to take direction,
And God steps back and lets us go, He does not force affection.
But just like Mom, His love won't sway, His open arms receive us,
And He rejoices when we come; we're home, He'll never leave us!

Food For The Hungry
Greta Zwaan, 2009 >

Five thousand men and five loaves of bread, that's all there is? That's how they'll be fed?
Well, not exactly, we also have fish; but, there's really just two in this little lad's dish.
Oh, don't forget, we have children here too, along with their moms, I'd say, quite a few.
You know what I think? We should send them away, they must all be tired, it's been a long day.

And that bit of food? Might be good for just two. They'd better go home, what else can they do?
But Jesus had pity on this great hungry bunch, and gladly accepted the little boy's lunch.
They must have wondered, "What will He do now?" What a dilemma, they've caught Him somehow.

But then Jesus said, "Put the groups here and there," and looked up to heaven to offer a prayer.
The loaves kept on growing; well, that's how it seemed. And fish? There was plenty, more than they'd dreamed.
But would you believe when those thousands were fed, there were twelve baskets left,
full of fish and of bread?

It just goes to show that when God's in control, He cares for the body as well as the soul.
What more can you ask when your needs are all met? That's God's greatest offer, the best you can get.

Related Quotes For Reflection:

The durable riches are only found in God.
Alexander Maclaren

I pray that we as Christians never lose our conviction that God does change lives!
T.D. Jakes

What makes a heart filled with happiness is not the things we possess but the spirit and action of lending a hand to assist those who are unable to do so for themselves.
Byron R. Pulsifer

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