Your Thirty

Know someone who is turning 30, then send them this short poem to make them smile as they hit this magical age.

Your Thirty
Poet: Julie Hebert, © 2011

Today is the day we sing Happy Birthday,
As today thirty years ago you were born.
Hard to believe your now thirty,
Your youth is now gone, you should mourn.

We all knew you were getting older,
Just didn't realize how old you’ve become.
We will try not to mock or tease you,
As we will always think great of our chum.

Thirty is just another number,
Although it's the first step, to middle age.
Now comes wrinkles, grey hair and baldness,
You really should be hiding backstage.

Okay, we've been kind of unhelpful,
In making this birthday much fun.
We'll roll out the carpet to introduce you,
As on your birthday you are truly number one.

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