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Starting Today

Starting Today
Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

Starting today,
I've made up my mind.
Not changing it now,
You'll soon come to find.

Starting today,
I will do what I must.
To get what I want,
Myself I must trust.

Starting today,
I'll see myself change.
At first it may seem,
At little bit strange.

But starting today,
I will feel really good.
I will hold my head high,
No longer misunderstood.

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Tiffany Hurd, 5 Keys to Living a Successful Life

"God's work and presence can be readily recognized by anyone who is willing to see it."
Robert H. Ashby, There Or Not - Little Book of Witnesses

"Working hard and achieving your goals can go simultaneously with pursuing your passions and enjoying a happy life."
Rand Bennett, Take a Mini-Retirement

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