Holiday Joys

Poet: Julie Hebert, 2015

Today is but a holiday,
The best one I do think.
Hang the decor and bake the food,
It's time to celebrate.

My favourite thing about this is,
All the family and friends.
Conversation feels like a vacation,
Get it all in before it ends.

Today is my favourite thing,
A holiday to enjoy.
Crafts and baking and decorating,
So many wonderful joys.

The best thing about this holiday,
Besides all those wonderful things.
I get to spend every minute with you,
While we talk, dance and even sing.

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The most important things in life are not the material assets we acquire, but the relationships that we develop.

Relationships are essential to happiness. Accept people for who they are and help them become better.
Clement Getate, Your Cross to Happiness

Only after you have gained life experiences and sufferings can you find your true being.
Fanuel Oweke, Before You Turn 35: How you should live your life according to your true nature

Everything happens for a reason. There are no random circumstances in life.
James Jason Positive Thinking

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