26 Senior Quotes

Senior quotes reveal the world of our older generation. Some elderly persons do not realize what they are entitled to as "senior citizens"; others, live in a world that seems to have forgotten them. The world of these aged people has more to offer than one may realize.

There are many seniors who go on to new careers, to give unselfishly as volunteers, to invest their experience as mentors to those who are just starting out in a career or to those who have had to struggle through an adversity so also experienced by the elderly person in their past. To discount the marvelous resource of our seniors is to say that their vast life experiences do not count for anything; this statement is far from the truth.

The authors as cited below all have various opinions and feelings and dedication to help seniors live a much fuller life as they age. We hope that all of these quotations will help to open up a new way or an additional viewpoint of just how much we should be grateful to those who have gone before us.

  1. The label of "senior" not only applies to an experienced executive but also applies to an experienced, older person in life.
    Kate Summers

  2. As senior residents get more seasoned it is essential to remain dynamic so as to keep up generally wellbeing.
    Azeddine Labidi, Fitness Tips For Senior Citizens

  3. With exceptions, individuals are living longer and longer lives – and want to do so. Getting and staying ‘healthy’ is essential to life extension.
    Mark Roberts-Seymour, Seniors Choosing to Prolong Living
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  4. The moment we ask for ... our first “seniors coffee" at a fast-food restaurant, we begin to be a brand. Manufacturers are keeping an eye on us, noting what we watch or listen to and sizing up what we wear. Why? Obviously, they want to sell us something.
    Stan Toler, I've Never Been This Old Before
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  5. Being a senior can be the best days of your life.
    Sam Fickinsen
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  6. You know you are a senior when you check the label on your pants for your name rather than who made them.
    Robert R. Rivers
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  7. In growing older, we lose many friends, but the time we get to spend together is priceless. You will be as happy as you decide to be.
    Tye Hilliard-Amy, Affirming Affirmations
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  8. In my youth, I often complained that the mountain was too small to be worth my time to climb. Now that I'm a senior, I complain that the paved parking lot is too far to walk.
    Theodore W. Higgingsworth
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  9. An older person with a healthy brain may do things more slowly or differently for reasons that have more to do with their hands, their eyes, or their aging brain, but they can do them.
    Louise Aronson, Elderhood
    Poem on Aging

  10. You do not have to get old the way you think. You can do all the same things, almost the same way.
    Chris Crowley, Younger Next Year for Women
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  11. I know I am categorized as a senior according to my driver's license but that is only because the powers that be have never seen me in action.
    Byron R. Pulsifer

  12. As senior patrol leader, you will continue to develop leadership skills that you will use for the rest of your life ... When you look back upon your tenure as senior patrol leader, you may well remember this as among the most exciting times in your Scouting career.
    Boy Scouts of America, Senior Patrol Leader Handbook
    Leadership Qualities

  13. All T'ai Chi movements share certain basic principles that can greatly benefit seniors, as long as they are properly taught and adapted.
    Philip Bonifonte, T'ai Chi for Seniors

  14. I’ve always had plenty of energy and no plans to slow down, and I certainly never felt like any of the labels out there—“senior," “cougar," “woman of a certain age"—applied to me.
    Ashton Applewhite, This Chair Rocks

  15. Pinchingly I also feel that the senior citizens do not receive due respect and devotion from their children and heirs.
    P.C. Jain, Senior Citizens

  16. Today’s seniors are a very diverse group, including healthy and fit individuals able to run marathons, compete in masters athletic events, and even stand on their heads.
    Kimberly Carson, Relax into Yoga for Seniors

  17. Many retired builders give great service in hardware stores. Your lifetime of skills and knowledge is of great value and there is absolutely no reason to set it aside if you don’t want to.
    Stella Rheingold, 101 Fun Things to do in Retirement

  18. A lot of senior citizens' I know forget to ask for discounts when they purchase items. Sometimes it's simply not knowing what to ask; “Do you offer a senior discount?" But many times seniors are just too proud to ask.
    Billy D Manus II, Get More Free - The Best Free Stuff and Discounts for Seniors in the USA

  19. I am a retired creativity management consultant ... who now shows how to boost creativity in senior citizens, using a series of creativity triggers and techniques that enhance the creative juices of senior citizens and lead to innovative ideas.
    Ed Glassman, 44 Easy-To-Learn Card Tricks For Senior Citizens

  20. In the best of scenarios, there should be at least one family member within easy striking distance of your favorite senior citizen just to keep an eye on things.
    Lori Burdoo, Senior citizen caregiving 101

  21. ... by understanding the predictable dilemmas the elderly face as they age, we develop a sense of how tough it is to be old and how brave our senior citizens are.
    David Solie, How to Say It to Seniors

  22. The U.S. culture has changed and continues to change in a sense of respect to the senior citizens that have provided for their families and worked throughout their lives, and are inevitably deserving to have the rest of their lives relaxed and have that peace of mind that an older one deserves.
    Corey Johnston, Free Stuff for Seniors

  23. In our senior years, our identity can sometimes be centered around what we feel we accomplished in life or the kind of family we raised and how our children and grandchildren turned out.
    John Strange, Your Identity in Christ
    Life Journey

  24. Seniors, as well, need to have patience with themselves. New skills take time to master.
    Andie Silverstein; Marlee T. Ruth, Parents Need Some Help: Strategies

  25. Also, there are so many benefits and advantages to senior citizens that are worth looking into because they save time and money that is precious and valuable to any senior citizen's life.
    Corey Johnston, Free Stuff for Seniors

  26. I have been privileged to work with and see: ... senior citizens sharpen their memories to the point that in their eighties they change careers and obtain degrees.
    Dr. Caroline Leaf, Switch On Your Brain

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