Your Attitude and Life

Here find two short poems to encourage you to keep your attitude positive. By doing so you willl find life will be easier and happier! We hope you enjoy these poems by .

Attitude Is In Your Control

Author: Julie Hebert

There will come a day in your life,
When you will be told,
That life isn't a fairy tale,
So let go of what you still hold.

Holding on to things,
That you can never change,
Is holding you back,
And probably feels quite strange.

So let go of the past,
And look on to the future.
This will lift the weight,
With no need for suture.

And never forget this,
That the power is within you.
To determine what your attitude is
Let life be the best for you

Life is Filled

Author: Julie Hebert

Life is filled with
Ups and downs,
It's up to us
To smile or frown.

We are the ones,
That make our fate,
Don't ever think,
You are too late.

Our life is made up,
Of the moments we make.
So get on out there,
And get your piece of the cake.

Don't ever let life
Pass you by.
Life's too precious,
To just standby.

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