Helping Hands

The world needs more helping hands. And you never know when it is that you may need a helping hand. Things can change in a split second, things that out of our control.

Many hands make light work is a saying my Grandmother use to quote to us. And how true that is. We hope these poems and quotes encourage you to lend a helping hand and also accept a helping hand!

Given To Me

Poet: Catherine Pulsifer 2020

A helping hand was given to me
At a time when I felt I couldn't see
I felt so down and so alone
What would happen next was unknown.

I felt the world was against me
But out of the blue, a helping hand was offered to me
I felt like an angel had been sent
Helping me to a great extent.

It was hard to accept but no choice I had
And when I accepted it wasn't so bad
At that time I vowed I would help others like me
Because of the help I got, it set me free.

So if you need a helping hand
Don't let your pride take over, just understand
We should all help each other
Because in the end, we are all sisters and brothers.

helping hand

Receiving Help

Poet: Julie Hebert, 2011

Inspiration is all around us, yes this is true,
It just takes some looking around.
If you find something helpful to give you a hand,
Allow it to assist you, hands down!

Receiving and giving come hand in hand,
And to receive is nothing to knockdown.
By not allowing someone to help bring you up,
Is helping to keep you way down.

So don’t worry about taking without giving,
Just be grateful for all the help you have now.
When you start cruising in the good life you dreamed of,
You then can start giving back as you’ve vowed.

A helpful hand is a lesson in sharing
And if you have the means why not play your part.
Those who refuse your help are foolish,
As we all know appreciating the helpful hand is just smart.

There is a saying that goes like this, "What you give, you get." Often times in life we do not want to accept help when we need it. Yet, we often find ourselves helping others.

Our opinion is that life is about helping each other - giving helping hands - receiving helping hands; the Poet's words express exactly that. Take the assistance when you need it, and someday you will assist someone and payment will be made. It is sort of like the pass it on theory. You do good for someone else, and they, in turn, do good for others - what a wonderful world this would be it we all live like this!

what you give you get

Helping Hands Quotes

Don’t be shy about asking for help. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it only means you’re wise.
Author Unknown
Short Quotes

You cannot be aware of who is in desperate need of help unless you are first willing to move outside of your personal comfort zone.

Byron R. Pulsifer
Poems Of Encouragement

The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.

John E. Southard
Positive Poems

In order to help someone, it’s always important to understand what kinds of things will be most helpful to that person in particular.

Nicole Raheja, Redefining Positive
Life Journey

In an awakened family, parents are aware that every relationship in their family exists to help each person grow.

Shefali Tsabary, The Awakened Family
Poems About Family

Pray that God would bring people into your life ... people who can help you with the everydayness of life - looking after kids, running a home, making decisions.

Alison Young, Hope Beyond Despair
Prayer For Today

Your neediness, offered well to someone else, can even be one of the great gifts you give to your church. You will inspire others to ask for help.

Edward T. Welch, Side by Side
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Helping Others Quotes

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